Growing Old

by Irwin Lengel

What can I say about the week I have had – well – for one thing, it has been a rough one.

So, let’s start out with some thoughts for today:

If two wrongs don’t make a right, try three.

Never slap a man who’s chewin’ tobacco.

And never ever stand between a dog and the hydrant.

Why is it as we age, one of the things that constantly seems to hide in the back of our head is the thought of being alone. We do not talk about it, but we know it is coming. Now, I am not talking about losing a mate or anything like that, noooo, I am talking about when you know you are truly alone. Just you and your mind….scary thought, isn’t it?

Need an example – OK – you wake up one morning at 3 AM and cannot go back to sleep. What do you do? What any self-righteous senior in your position would do. You get yourself up out of bed, march right into the kitchen and begin alphabetizing the spices in your spice rack. You know, those bottles and shakers that have been sitting in the cupboard since before World War II, that if given half a chance, would have marched out of your cupboard and into the trash can on their own years ago.

But guess what, once done with the spices, you are still not in sleepy mode. What to do, what to do?

Oh, I know – you decide it must be time to have a long conversation with your plants. The house is quiet, so you think to yourself, why not? After spending the next hour or so talking to them, you decide they must be getting sleepy themselves as they look somewhat droopy. Truth-be-told, if they could talk amongst themselves, they would be saying – what is it with this nut-job, why don’t he go back to bed. But they weren’t really looking droopy, they fell asleep themselves listening to you ramble on.

Well, as I said earlier in this post, it has been a rough week and by that, I mean I did not accomplish all the tasks I told myself I would do. So, I will make this a short post so as to play catch-up with what I was supposed to be doing Thursday, Friday, and Saturday before I peeter out! (Is 'peeter' even a word?)

But before I go, allow me to end this post with yet another thought for the day:

Ever been in one of those “the glass is half-full, no the glass is half-empty” conversations. Next time that situation arises – just say: “Are you going to drink that?”

Have a great day. Until next time!

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Cereal with milk helps
by: MICHAEL - Upstate NY for the Summer!

When I find myself unable to sleep or wake up and can't sleep, I head straight to the kitchen for a bowl of cereal with milk. I eat it while watching TV. A half hour after finishing the cereal, back to bed and out "like a light."

I also do this if I have had too much caffeine close to bed time. Many years ago, I read about the cereal with milk to help you sleep.

It works for me every time.

Alone, Naturally
by: John A. / Tyler, Tx

Irwin's last posting brought to mind something I realized long ago about being alone. A person can be alone in a room full of people. And when alone and sitting by yourself, there will be times the silence can be deafening. Think about it.

Then when Irwin mentioned the half full or half empty glass of milk, it should make us wonder if we are either optomists or pessimists. As for me, I was considering joining the local Optimist Club, but wondered if they would take me.

Oh well! Guess I'll stare at the glass of partially consumed milk and decide on whether I want to finish a half-gone or remaining Oreo cookie.

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