Growing up isolated in Alberta Canada

by Fern
(British Columbia Canada)

I grew up in a very isolated environment and have written an autobiography about it. I am looking for an agent or publisher to whom I can submit.

I wrote a short piece as a writing assignment recently and it was well received about a time when my Dad was injured and there was no medical help. I had to step up and help even though I was about 12 years old, and no, never did get any thanks for it, expectations were that anyone around helped out.


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Getting published
by: Tom Leitch

I gave up on finding an agent or publisher and paid Mill City Press to publish my book "Shamrocks, Trolls, Angels and Drunks". And then I go and promote it myself.

Mill City Press allows the author to receive 100% of the book's royalties too.

Wendy: Tom, you can also sell your book as a downloadable Ebook. I read most of my books on my Kindle now and just heard that Barnes & Noble Bookstore sells 3 ebooks for every real book... sad, but true.

If you have the computer file still, it's easy to make into an ebook to sell. Write me via the "contact me" (bottom left) if you are interested and I can provide details.

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