Grumpy Ole Woman: This is me!

by Sandy

I am laughing as I read this. I wasn't always Grumpy!

What the heck happened to me?

I never really thought about it much, but I do whine about most of everything... why?

OK, I will try better... certainly don't want people running away from me!

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by: Anonymous

Drink more wine lol

grumpy old women
by: Anonymous

I didn't even realize how grumpy I've gotten till I read the article.

You are right, Everyday and in every way, I grow stronger and stronger. It is hard to say as the body start to be sore, at least my body and back.

I will try this new matra, thank you, I need to be set on the right path. Joanne

Wendy: To me, Being Grumpy means something is wrong in life. People don't choose to be grumpy, depressed, etc. but it happens all too easily.

Your emotional mental health can bring on issues with your physical health. Dump the Grump and find yourself a richer life!!

by: Anonymous

send me your postal address via the Contact me (top) and I will send you one of the Complaint Free World bracelets!!


by: Anonymous

you can also add me to the lists. but I have reason to be grumpy.........

Grumpy ole woman.
by: Dave in San Diego

Just think before you speak.
In this modern era, think how it might effect the environment around you.

Just saying. Have a blessed day.

Sandy, don't do it,...
by: Wendy

You admitted you are the Grumpy Ole Woman... now fix it... you can, you know!

Seriously, you wouldn't want to be around someone who is moaning and groaning all day, right?

Keep repeating this mantra to yourself, day and night, and see if it can get embedded in your subconscious and help you to begin to see life in a nicer manner.


Every Day, In Every Way,
I Grow Stronger and Stronger!

Tell me what you whine about... maybe we can turn it around somehow!!

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