Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation can be difficult at first, but if you stick to it you will find that it becomes easier over time.  Guided meditation can help by teaching you how to meditate so that you do not have to struggle with the process alone.

What is Guided Meditation?

Guided meditation is a great way to begin because many times it incorporates a voice to guide you with sounds, such as soft music, wind chimes, and sounds of nature.  The voice gently prompts you to focus on your breathing technique and often leads you into imagery to relax you further.  There are videos that you can watch on your computer or television that provide you with help visualizing, many found online for free.

Smart phones apps make guided meditation easy on the go, perfect for a doctor’s waiting room or riding in a car if someone else is driving.

 Recorded audio on a CD player or MP3 player is another option that can be taken with you; to the park, on a walk, at the beach, or anywhere life takes you. 

MY favorite Guided Meditations are from SILVA. Yes, more expensive as you purchase a whole Life System from them.. so well worth the money! Love listening to Laura Silva.... she rocks!

I love-love-love Silva Life Systems, personally, and own their products. I am more energized, focused, happy and I simply don't worry like I previously did. Meditation really does help me.

I hope these Guided Meditations help you in some small way.  Best Wishes!