Guilt free grandma.

by Maria/VA

After reading all this posts there is one response:


We deserve to be happy the rest of our lives. Our children are capable enough to be on their own and take care for their own children, that’s why we raise them to do. We will be there for them no matter what and they know it.

I’m a grandma of 3 grand babies. I’m 56 years old, and my 4 girls are between 15-26 years old. Married to my second husband and his children are in the mids 40s so there is a 13 years of difference between us. We’ve been married 3 years, meet 4 years ago. He is the epiphany of psalm 23 LOVE, can’t describe him other way. He loves my girls too but said to me: You need to let go of them.

He is absolutely right! I have to think about us, our retirement, our life’s. After all; our children grow and leave the nest and don’t think for a moment if the shoe was in the other side, they wouldn’t hesitate and leave too if they had the opportunity.

So I’m not guilty of moving away 15 hours into a paradise state of Florida WOW!! I will face time my grandchildren and visit as often. I have my own hair salon of 14 years and have all the chairs rented and left all my clients with them. I will visit every 6 weeks and would do some clients so I’ll have so extra income to pay for my trip and visit my family.

In my life God comes first, me second and my husband, then the rest of my family after. If you don’t have this mentality then you DO have guilt.!

My children do give me guilt sometimes but I told them they can come to visit anytime they want, I’ll help them with the trip financially as well.

Not to mention my husband built our beautiful home and have lived only two years with the most beautiful view of the mountains and not even that makes me stay here . It’s too cold for me in the winter and I’m just much happier in the warm weather.

So, enjoy your life as a retiree, FaceTime your loved ones, exercise lots, be happy and live life !


God bless!

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No guilt
by: Clay

I am 67, retired and have struggled with guilt for moving 5 hours away from my adult kids & grandkids.

I was a widower after 44 years of marriage to a long time very ill late spouse. I am a cancer survivor as well.

Been through a lot of hell in my life, but now I'm remarried to a wonderful woman. We bought a home on 5 acres in north Florida. She has pulled me out of a very deep hole.

I talk to all my kids every few days, travel there every 3 - 4 months. I work part-time at the HD and it is fun.

I am slowly learning that moving a morning's drive away from my kids is not an unforgivable sin. They can also come see me anytime they want.

I'll be alright.

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