Hanging out

by Ann Pence
(Davenport Iowa)

I'm 59 years old and retired. I was an LPN, had two back surgeries so I decided to retire early. My husband is still working and will be working for 2 more years.

I have two sons and four grandchildren. I live by two of my grandchildren and the other to live in another state . The only time I really see my son and is wife is when I watch the kids. Other than that I don't see them at all.

Have moved to be closer to my husband's work and know absolutely nobody here. Have tried to make friends with the neighbors but no success .

I know that I should be grateful that I am able to retire with my health issues but I just don't feel that way some days...

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by: Tom Germany

Ann, wow! A nurse in times when good nurses are in high demand and short supply? I cannot think of a better expert to motivate youngsters seeking a worthwhile path in life than one who’s travelled the path.

Oh, and every year there is a MAJOR student exchange between Davenport and my now home town of Blieskastel, Germany. Get involved as a sponsor and connect with the world.

Condo Living
by: plp green bay wi

I can hear myself in so many posts.....making friends (who you really like being with) is hard. AND harder to find friends you actually like being with. And for sure you cannot count on your kids to have you inter-twined in their lives. They are busy.

I enjoy TV, reading and biking. Traveling has never been on my agenda so stay-retirement is OK.

Retirement is just a damn adjustment to find JOY!

Ann Pence
by: Donna, Florida

I totally understand where you are coming from. Retirement and getting older are situations that take great adjustment.

Young kids are too busy and don't come around to visit us "wrinkles". I guess that is part of life but something most of us are not ready for.

A lot of the time, we feel invisible, as if we are not taking up space and matter. I have come to the conclusion that we have to make our own daily life. It does get lonely.

by: Loyce!

Making "friends" is a major challenge because SO MANY have so many "friends" on social media and many are tied to their technology and hiding out in fear and anxiety.

I have started many groups on Meetup only to have few even identify themselves, let alone show up, so after years I've moved on.

I have a bookbox in front of my house and "ghosts" take/leave but I was thanked a few times four years ago and so it remains.

The suicide rate is spiking because of loneliness and alienation and I continue to WORK at making new contacts in my small town where many have joined many clubs--sacrificing their "individuality" for obedience to the credo/rules/regulations and many fees.

To meet others I have JOINED three bowling leagues and am a member of the local health club; so I've made myself comfortable in MY world but many of the people I know seek to meet others in their escapes/travels while I choose a safe staycation close to my home where I feel comfortable--all the while saving my time/money and health because traveling is very hard on one's health and emotional state in today's world of anxiety and fear.

Home Sweet Home

Easier said than Done
by: Ike - midwest

Being retired isn't easy.. that's for sure.

Like anything else.. it takes time to adjust.... and like everything else it does get better with time. Push yourself a little outside your comfort area.. this is your chance to be a little bolder.

Hang in there.. do the best you can.. it will be good enough.

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