Happily Retired in Her Bungalow

by Lee H
(Surrey, UK)

I reitred at age 65. My full time work was in insurance, I had two part time jobs, one wad at a school, and the other working one Fay a week in a shop who made blinds for all Windows.

Why did you retire? I left insurance to have a baby, the school I was made redundant and the shop was going down to 3 days a week.

Home Sweet Home I moved from a large house to my bungalow now.....and am loving it.

Were you happy from the first day of retirement? Are you happy now? Are you a normally happy go lucky person? Yes, yes and yes

Are you employed now? No, enough to do in the garden this time of year, and around the bungalow.

Hobbies: I am hoping to finish my dolls house, it has 10 rooms. Work outdoors gardening too.

What would make your retirement easier? Not feeling the aches and pains.

What is your biggest retirement challenge? To finish the things I start.

What's your biggest frustration with retirement? Can't run for the bus.

If you had a magic wand, what would you wish for today? Health happiness and love

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