Happiness Is...

by Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

I have been re-studying a Happiness class.

I've taken so many notes, learned new activities and simply understand this elusive thing called Happiness so much more!

I have never quite defined happiness, and was a little hesitant to even talk much about it on the site. After all, what IS it?

Sooo, I am so HAPPY today that I have achieved and re-achieved one more experience in life!

Learning makes me happy! It really does!
Lifelong Learner here!

MY QUESTION IS: What is Happiness?
Can you define it at this stage of life?

I want your personal definition and the answers will greatly vary! That's cool!


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Happiness is a State of Mind
by: Canadian Retiree

For me happiness is being content.

For someone who struggles with lifelong depression, happiness is also elusive. I can be happy one day and in a deep despair the next.

Keeping busy is the key for me to fight off depression. I've been taking water colour painting and drawing classes which has really helped.

I miss my job still, even 3 years after retirement, but as long as I keep busy it's not so bad.

by: Ruth

Happiness is a state of mind indicating a satisfaction of any sort at a moment or in someone's life.

The grandkids
by: Sandy

Happiness is the feeling of little arms around my neck or walking hand in hand. My grandkids!

Stay positive
by: Judy

I follow Abe Lincoln’s quote, "most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be".

I believe that we all have challenges and concerns. For every problem, there is a solution.

Focus on your success and accept that every decision will take some thought and time. Every challenge will not turn out the way that you want it to.

by: Lauren...Naples

Sadly, never.

Happiness is Four Paws
by: Jeff/Toledo

Sitting on the couch all alone watching TV. You can hear the sound of paws hitting the floor and all at once I have a 65 pound dog up and on the couch with me. He moves around till he is up next to me and then he just flops down full weight. Together we enjoy some cuddle time and TV for an hour or so. Happiness is being with my buddy.

Wendy: Have to agree, my 8-pound dog brings me joy with her antics!

happiness is
by: matt i

happiness is not a possession to be prized --it is a quality of thought--state of mind--happiness is like time and space we make we make and measure ourselves --it is as fancy-as big -as little as you please.

Wendy: Yessss! Happiness does not depend on income, though income can give you more options -- but internal happiness IS a state of mind!

Little things mean a lot
by: Michael - Upstate NY for the summer!

When I hear my Mother's voice on the phone. When I made a cake today for my 56th birthday. When I passed the CPA exam in 1992. When I passed the real estate licensee exam a few years ago. When I feel the warmth of the sun upon my skin. When I plant seeds in the garden or mow the lawn. When I work on architectural plans or ride my bike. Drinking hot tea along with toast and jam. Visits from family and friends. Hugs and kisses.

These things bring me feelings of joy, contentment, goodness, achievement, satisfaction and an enhancement to my well-being.

Wendy: Happy Happy Birthday, Michael!
Yes, you are "busy" (as much as you want to be), and doing mindful things to maintain your happiness!

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