Happy New Year!

by Irwin Lengel's
(Lakeland, FL)


If I had to write about things to take into consideration as one enters the New Year that is ahead of us – several thoughts come to mind.

The first one would be to maintain a good outlook on life – while the newspapers and television constantly bombards us with all the negatives happening in the world today – if we keep a good outlook on life, our lives do not have to be negative.

So the next time someone jumps ahead of you while you are waiting to check out in your local supermarket, take a step back and ask yourself – do I get angry and create a scene or do I think about it for a minute and try to put myself in that person’s shoes attempting to think about what must be going on in their lives.

Perhaps they are running late and need to get home so as to take care of a sick child. Whatever the case, say to yourself – is this minor inconvenience really worth getting upset about?

This past year (2015) we had some serious health scares and fortunately we have managed to work through them and hopefully all is well – leastways for the moment.

So, another thing we are looking forward to as we enter the year 2016 is that we pay more attention to our health and by that I mean eating healthier and exercising more. After all, how can we enjoy all that life has to offer if we are not living up to our fullest potential as it relates to being fully energized and vibrant at all times.

I am sure that were you to ask a millionaire suffering from poor health what would they rather have, meaning all their money or good health, my educated guess is that they would be willing to give it all up to not only get healthy but to undo whatever damage their sickness or disease has already done.

While I realize that being the age I am, it may sound a bit crazy to say that I wish I were doing something other than what I am presently doing with my life.

I do not but my question is this: How many of us go through life living and doing something that doesn’t support what our true goal in life is (whatever that may be)?

With that thought in mind, how can one truly be happy? So, no matter what our age is – there is always time to change and find and do that one thing that you have been craving to do for years especially if doing so provides you with a bundle of energy. It is never too late to follow your dreams.

For the longest time, I talked a good game about writing a book and I hesitated doing it because I was afraid that were I to do it, I would stand out and people would know what I did and that scared me because I was worried about what they might say.

But you know what – once I overlooked that aspect of the situation – I buckled down and wrote the book – published it and am glad I did. If someone reads it and doesn’t like it – so be it. My book, my story, and now that it has been done, I am glad I took that next step. No longer am I afraid to stand out.

Love Marriage Retirement Gratitude: Life may not be the party we hoped for....but while we are here we might as well dance.

I am past that age of caring what others think of me. If I am doing something to make me happy and I have friends and relatives that enjoy me for who I am – what more can one ask for. Wasn’t it Frank Sinatra that said “I did it my way!”

Fact is that no matter how old we get, it is never too late to start again. As long as I draw a breath, have an idea or two in my head, and something to say, it will never be too late to start again.

So, from this point on, I will continue to keep on trying. Hopefully most of the time I write a post, it will be informative, funny, and worth reading and well if it isn’t, all I can hope for is that you tune in next time with the thought that – OK so he had a bad day – let’s see what is on his mind this time. Thanks for reading my rants and raves!

Until next time!

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Your New Year
by: Elna Nugent, Lenox, MA

Dear Irvin-
I had a strong feeling while reading your post that
" You have only just begun" and that the best may be yet to come, and that you can trust each day just as it happens, and relish it .

Happy New Year!
by: Janet

Happy New Year Irwin to you and your family!
Congratulations on the writing and publishing of your new book. You took the leap of faith. You did something that you thought of doing and finally did it, well done!

Thank you for your encouraging words of dealing with situations as they happen like standing in line and some one cuts in front of you. Yes, we should not sweat the small stuff.

I am happy that you and your wife are enjoying your retirement. I had hoped for more retirement years with my husband, sadly he passed away suddenly November 28, 2014. I miss him so much it has been a year now. I retired in 2008.

Last year I was stuck in a very deep dark place, this year, a new year 2016. I have decided that although I still grieve for my husband the best thing I can do now is take care of myself. It is difficult but I am taking each day one day at a time.

When I exercise I like to think that I working towards a goal of getting out of that deep dark place.

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