Happy Retirement

An Exercise to Help You
THINK about Retired Life...

A happy retirement is what we all really want... right?

In retirement, we can't simply sit at home - we must carefully consider the world before us, consider our options, and take action towards happiness. For me, a productive post-retirement life that is fulfilling is happiness in my book! Happiness comes from within, and that means you need to be happy with yourself, physically and mentally... right?

Right. So who am I and what do I want to do in my retirement years? How do you give yourself the gift of a Happy Retirement?

Earlier today, I read a post on the Solo Build It forums (what is Solo Build It??) and asked for permission to use it here. I think this is an invaluable exercise for new retirees to consider as it may open up an whole new YOU in retirement!

Please try this - who knows, you might just figure out what makes yourself tick, what will bring about a happy retirement for you!

Discover What You REALLY
Want To Do With Your Life!

By Peter from the UK, owner of www.howtovideobusiness.com

This is a very simple, but effective game you can play in your head when on the train, bus or just having a coffee break, that can result in you discovering what you really want to do with your life.

You have to be totally honest with yourself for it to work, but the answers you give can be very revealing. Whether you act on them is up to you.

It's an ongoing exercise and doesn't have to be finished in one go. Just remember where you left off.

I call it the 'Then what?' game.

You've just been told you've won $50,000,000 in the lottery. What would you do?

When you give an answer, you ask yourself 'Then what?' Then repeat the process.

It's easy to start with as you will discover for yourself, but it gets harder as time goes on. It involves some real soul searching and will tell you a lot about yourself (Some of it you may not like!).

But eventually, after the inevitable shiny new things, houses and travelling the world, you will start to discover what is truly important to you.

For example I discovered that what I really wanted to do was work more with charities and community groups (Which I've started doing) and I cannot tell you how much satisfaction I get from it.

It brings out your hidden passion and desire to the surface, which are normally hidden deep down. It's even more powerful if you do it with a friend or partner.

If you give up quickly because you say to yourself it's stupid or pointless, ask yourself if what you're really doing is hiding from yourself. Maybe you don't like the answer, so don't want to ask the question.

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Finally, I sincerely hope you will try this exercise... it can't hurt, and you might find out something about yourself that pushes you into a happy retirement!

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