Happy Retirement is in Florida

by Debbie
(Minnesota )

Happy Retirement for me would be first moving to a warm climate such as Florida.

After freezing in Minnesota I think my bones could use some warming up.

As I am single, I would want a companion to share my time with. Life is much richer when you have someone to share your experiences with.

Living in Florida, I would do a lot of traveling. A cruise to Mexico, Jamaica, Alaska, Bahamas would always be on the horizon. Traveling is exciting for me.

You must visit Naples, Florida. The city is amazing. The beaches are amazing. It's very relaxing.

Retirement for me means you can make choices where and how to spend your time.

I would become a volunteer for children. After school programs are always looking for mentors and concerned others to help. I love reading so I would volunteer to read to the children, chaperon them on field trips and mentor one of the children.

I would also volunteer at a hospice or retirement home. There are so many people in these institution that need a touch, someone to read to them, someone to show they care.

Many times family members are too busy or emotionally removed to care.

Time together could make all the difference in the world to that person.

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