Happy Retirement: Stay active!

by sally
(Philadelphia, PA)

If you want to have a happy retirement you have to stay active, both mentally and physically.

While you're busy working, the idea of sitting around and doing nothing may seem pretty good but it gets old in a hurry.

Staying physically active will help you keep up good health and staying active mentally will keep you sharp and keep you from getting bored.

Find a place to walk, engage with other seniors, get involved in your community, go pester your kids, whatever it takes to keep healthy and happy.

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Play Chess
by: Anonymous

It will be good to spend some time with friends in PLAYING CHESS. You play, attack, retreat, protect yourself, again encircle the opposite party and some time defeat or defeated. At least for an hour or so you feel your self as Queen/King. It is great.

Some times you are treated with a cup of coffee and other times you have to prepare coffee for the other Queen.

It helps players mentally and to walk up to the territory of other Queen physically.

Age is not important. If the other great Queen does not know to play, teach her.

Mahatma Gandhi played chess with the captain of the steamer when he traveled to South Africa. It refreshes the mind.

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