Happy Retirement

by Julie G

We get up, get showered. Then we get dressed, eat breakfast.

Personally, before I retired, I used to sit down at my desktop, doing zoomers for boomers. I was assisting tertiary students with their English. These days, I have retired from educating the future of planet Earth.

Have you retired too?

We can feel jolly about it all.

In my happy retirement, I can build up my core strength, spending more time on my
morning exercise regime. My health is better than it has been for a while, all right!

Thanks to my great health professionals. My financial situation is quite okay, that shall no doubt diminish in my happy retirement. Being of sound mind and body, I have not blown the lot on
online gambling.

In our happy retirement, we can attend any community group we choose, for any age. I attend my no-obligation, socially informal writer’s group, and a ladies’ craft group. We can all share coffee, good fun, and constructive support for each other, while following our bliss.

What is your retirement bliss?

Choose your own adventure.

It is easy to slide into retirement ‘talk’, all typical for a chatty one like me. “Need some rain!” “Good for the garden!” Too true, we are all dodging the audiologists, ain’t they sweet? “What did you say?” Deafness can be a boon of ageing.

Nowadays, in my happy retirement, I get into bed at a most reasonable hour, thinking, “In the global and universal big picture, nothing bad happened today. We must not get dragged down by non-issues.

My friends, family and I all woke up, hope we wake up tomorrow. No one really walks alone. Here, I enjoyed a slow news day, in a slow news town, making fun the senior way.

We can all keep busy, but sometimes, there is nothing wrong with being a sloth.”

In happy retirement, we can all take care of stuff, not to sweat the small stuff. As we grow
old, as our elders grew old, we may need others to take care of our stuff. All perfectly
normal. Not to panic.

At our age, we can empower other retirees. We can wake up, turn frowns upside down.

Anyone can set realistic goals. Goals are good, tell my football team that! Yes, goals exist.

Now enjoy a beautiful day with bells on! For a happy retirement, follow your bliss for as long
as you can, while you can.

This is our golden age, enjoy!

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Getting Better
by: Canadian Retiree

I enjoyed reading your upbeat post about being happy in retirement.

For me it was a slow, steady start. I retired shortly following my cancer treatments. I had considered returning to work for one more year at least before retirement, but couldn't find the strength nor will to do so.

I was off work for cancer treatments for all most two years, it seemed daunting to go back. I finally took the retirement plunge, but was not really ready to retire. I hated retirement at first and felt completely lost.

I have found plenty to do since and the pandemic helped me to realize retirement wasn't so bad after all.

I can finally say that retirement is getting better. Thanks again for your fun spin on retirement.

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