Happy to be Retired. . .

by Droppedonmyhead

I am very blessed that I was able to retire at 55 having worked 35 years with the County.

I had my "3 C's" I wanted to accomplish to start off my retirement. Car, condo & cruise. Well, I got the car and condo within a month of retiring, but not the cruise.

I've been busy babysitting my 3 grandchildren so their Mother can work. When I retired, I made a commitment to her that I would help her out since she had just had a new baby. The baby is now on a waiting list for child care so when she's accepted, I won't be babysitting hardly at all.

It is so wonderful not having to go to work every day. I haven't missed it at all even though I did have an interesting job. My health was just starting to decline due to the extreme job demands. Retirement has given me the opportunity to restore my health.

I moved to a bigger city in the same county so there are more interesting things to do. Nearly everything I need is within a mile or two of my home so it's convenient.

Life is good for me even though I am spending most of it now babysitting. But it's not a forever thing and it has really bonded the grandchildren and myself to each other.

Wendy: Dear "droppedonmyhead", I hope the child care situation works itself out quickly and you can have fun in retirement!

You sound like you know where you are headed and that's great. My guess is that the babysitting, despite being not what you intended --is what helps you through your early retirement days. I think its great - forcing you to keep busy... that's where so many fail.

Very happy for you! Enjoy your retirement!

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I've been retired 15 months
by: Anonymous

During my last 5 yrs of working, I lived with my live in boyfriend, and my adult son. Now that I've been retired 15 months, after a 35 yr career.

My boyfriend has also retired and we both decided he had to relocate to Baja to take care of his elderly mother, and my son moved out! (which is good).

So now its my 2 dogs and me, I'm alone, although I do spend time alone I'm not lonely. I think this is my next chapter in life, and am I wasting it?
working in the garden, yoga, home improvements, walking the dogs. Shouldn't I be going full bore???

Thank you for your concern
by: Anonymous

Luckily for me, my pension comes from the State of Florida and not my community.

This could be risky
by: Anonymous

You are lucky that the tax payers in your community can afford to pay you for maybe another 45 years. In fact they could pay you as much in retirement as they did when you were working.

I assume you have factored into your planning the fact that your pension may stop or be reduced if your community goes bankrupt and have additional assets to support yourself. Good luck.

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