Has anyone used aflac?

by bob palmer
(muskegon mi.)

When i gets time to put in for medicare at 65 has anyone also used aflac for the parts instead of the parts?

for me this is so confusing.

i pay out of my pocket now for insurance from the company i work for like most people but when i get ready to retire i hear i have to apply for medicare before 65.. and then the parts of which i have no clue as to what i need to sign up for.

one person at work said that aflac has that covered. so what is the truth here. does it cover or not and has anyone used it and of so how does it work?

thanks bob p.

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by: Lynn

Even though you paid into Medicare it still costs money: it comes out of your Social Security check if you get Soc. Sec.

If you don't you have to pay (it keeps changing but is at least $110 for the basic. Then there is medicare advantage and medicare plans to pay whatever Medicare doesn't pay.

Humana has a good one, also United Health, Aetna, Blue Cross and some others. Some of the plans are no extra monthly cost but personally I want to use the DR and hospital I want so I pay about $130 extra each month and then there are fancier plans too.

It takes quite a bit of looking to see what's best for you.

Get the best info and price
by: Jae Oh

You can check out this link:

Author, Maximize Your Medicare

Michigan Medigap help
by: Wendy

Here are Michigan Medi-gap plans that you might check out.

This site, and a few others, show that AFLAC no longer does Medicare plans... but call them and ask, it can't hurt, right? Agent Pipeline

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