Hate Retirement

by terry black
(portugal & us)

I retired at 62 way too young.

I went back to work in 6 mo. I am 64 now and still working 6 mo. a year. I still don't like retirement.

I live in the us when I am working. My wife lives in Portugal, so I go there for the other 6 mo. She is a home person and 12 yr. older then. It is driving me nuts just to sit at home.

Lisbon is a great city but after 26 years I have seen it all. I have been a truck driver for most of my life, it is very hard to just sit and do nothing.

Next mo, I will be going back to the states to work again. I like working on old cars but with no place to work. I can't do that here. I have tried to do other things but I still haven't found anything I like to do.

I hope someone on this site that is from the us like me lives here in Lisbon. My email is:
tdrifter4999 at yahoo dot com

Drop me a line.

Wendy: Please click on the two faces to the RIGHT and join the Community. FInd new friends there. Unfortunately, i just searched and nobody from Portugal...

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Newbie Retiree
by: Laura Canay

I’m brand new to retirement & I’m a basket case. I don’t think I should have tried to retire at 63. I could have gone one more year. My commute was part of my decision but now I want my job back. It’s physically hard for me but I should have tried. I was on sick leave & was going to do rehab for 6 weeks. Now I wish I had. No where to go. Stupid mistake

by: Nina from London

Hello Terry,

What a beautiful city Lisbon! When we went on holiday there I could see why people would want to stay there forever. Besides the city the country and the people were fantastic.

Here in London we have huge amounts of Portuguese that have come to work. Maybe because of the economy What's amazing is that everywhere there are restaureants and clubs plus grocery shops that are Portuguese in London. Two have opened up on the High Street near me.

Can't believe it! But then America has also some wonderful towns. I'll be visiting my relatives in June. Sorry to hear you have to go back and forth but wonder if there is any way to resolve it?

If you want to get in touch let me know by sending me a message on Retirement-Online on their Penpals
group.. Sincerely, Nina

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