He Retired! Oh No! What Now?

by Chris

I have lived with a somewhat selfish man for almost 14 YEARS --NOW WHAT -he retired!!! and he is BORED often if not on the golf course.

During our 14 years, we have shared a lot of fun experiences but then the challenging ones as well- blended families --- him always being right and me always being wrong and then the silence for days !! ICK !! Can't do this next year and i have explained to him I WILL NOT!

He was in his usual 'perch' position and on the computer all day today --- and either Golf or Rugby on TV ALL DAY --- and wearing the dirty clothes he had on yesterday ! EEE GADS ! -- I am scared !

As i continue to work, i come home tired. I recognize I will have to reinvent my life next year and I am a bit depressed that I see this man not changing . If he is not golfing all week (sometimes 5 days in a row) he is watching golf on TV ! SO i relate to a lot of women on this blog ! and there is no solution other than recognize I will be the one brave enough to do some changing with my LIFE!

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He Retired!
by: Sherry/ NC

YAY, I like you!

Ease Up
by: Rosey

Dear Chris,

My husband and I have different interests and hobbies but it doesn't stop us from pursuing and enjoying them. We also share some common interests and hobbies.

Doing things alone or together has kept us married for 43 years and a little laughter every day has helped.

I was a teenager when we married but always let him pursue career choices, interests, hobbies and friends because that's what makes a person happy. In turn, he has done the same for me. That took a bit of time as he was also very young, insecure and a bit controlling for my free spirited self. But by allowing him the freedom to make career choices and pursue his interests, he's done the same for me. We have an excellent relationship and love each other more each day.

I don't always like the time he spends watching TV or being on his computer too long, but I'm out and about either having lunch with friends, shopping, going or walks, listening to music or working on projects on the house and gardens.

If he's happy, then I'm happy(ier).

I don't waste energy trying to change him from doing what he likes best. I do what I want instead.

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