Health Insurance with Medicare

by Theda Beckman
(Portsmouth, Va.)

I would like to know , since I have 2 medical ecoverages, is that enough? I have medicare PART A&B.... I also have tri-care prime for life!

Just want to be sure I am covered for all my medical needs, I am, 67!

I keep getting these mailings on medical health ins, So thats my question do I have enough? Thanking you for your time an a answer!

Sincerely yours,
Theda Beckman I am a member!

Wendy: There is no way I can tell if you have enough coverage, however, having Tricare and Medicare should be fine.

Mostly, everyone needs a supplemental health care with Medicare -- and you have that.

Even if you purchased another layer of health care: (1) you'd pay high premiums and (2) health care providers usually won't overlap coverage - meaning only one will pay for your medical needs.

Finally -- of course you get lots of mailings. Every Medicare health care provider is just HOPING you will purchase their benefits. They know, every year, millions of seniors are going through an open enrollment period and may change providers.. and they hope they get your business.

If you didn't have Tricare, YES, check out all the offers compared to what you have now.. but since you have Federal coverage, you should be fine.

Best wishes!

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