Heath care changes Jan 2013

by Carol M

After 65 my health care became Medicare, plus an adequate MVP plan that is employer contibuted.

After these years of participating in a partially contributed health care plan provided by my employer, the plan is significantly changing effective Jan 2013. The plan with MVP I did have is no longer available.

In the closest similiar plan, the co pay for doctor visits have more than doubled. The 'Sports doctor' or 'specialist' (as called by Aon Hewitt - a third party hired by employer to facilitate retirees insurance ) that I saw for a chronic back issue is now completely uncovered. It was 15. Per visit. I can no longer afford to go.

I have yet to commit to a plan as the decision is ridden with complex details that frankly depend on the unknown.

It was my contention that with the onset of Obama care we would loose our secure health care as we know it.

A positive is that the new plan continues including a YMCA Silver Sneakers free membership.

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