Hello... Anybody out there?

by Rosemary
(Sheffield England)

...here we are again! Locked up..it's my birthday at the end of the month and my husband David and I would usually meet up and go out for a lovely meal at our favourite pub but sadly can't this year as all pubs and restaurants are closed. Hopefully by December 2nd the lockdown will end and we can meet up.

Christmas is going to be a wash out this year...unless Boris relaxes the rules a bit.

I keep writing my story but get no feedback at all. I would love to hear from some other retired people. Maybe I'm doing something wrong...keep getting the same emails over and over again...trying to oblige by writing but get nowhere. Please enlighten me as to why!

What I am looking for is a lady or gent to write emails to and have general chats about life and whatever...joined up months ago but have heard nothing.

Best wishes
Roosemary Stubbs

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by: Sherry/NC USA

Hey Rosemary, Happy Birthday to you, my dear.

Celebrate being alive and feeling good about it!

Lockdown in London
by: Nina/London

Hello Rosemary,

It's been an unusual year for all of us. I think the first Lockdown was easier because it was summer...the weather was amazing. I started gardening planting vegetables plus flowers. Going to the parks and walking in the sunshine was pleasant.

This time it's harder. The weather can be dreadful. But London is in Tier 2 so restaurants, shops and cafes will reopen (December 2). With all the uncertainty there is a glimmer of hope. My friend Julia works in a clinic and keeps me posted about the vaccine.

How are you? Hope you are dealing with all the restrictions without getting too worked up. My friends go on Zoom to stay in touch (Knit and Natter Group). I can't wait till our group actually meets.

Meanwhile, Hope to hear from you.
Best Wishes, Nina

Don't rush!
by: Wee-zer


Boris is doing the right thing to try to keep people safe from the virus. Even if he relaxes things, the virus is going to be lurking everywhere.

I have no intention of going to a restaurant in USA as the virus is ramping up and up by the day. Of course our leader didn't care to have lock downs that would have protected us then and now and still ignores the science and facts.

My State is doing the best they can and have rules in place but nothing is going to 100% protect us from the virus. Even when the vaccines are available, it will take a long, long time to get this thing under control.

by: Anonymous

I will be happy to write to you or anyone who wants to correspond.

I have been retired now for twelve years from a full-time job and two years from an at home tutoring job. would have kept the tutoring service forever but losing my vision so I cant tutor reading or piano any more.

I really enjoyed working and then having my own tutoring service and really miss it My computer and phone are programmed to read everything to me so that is great but other items are not so easy to change to my needs.

I live with a very grouchy husband and a delightful neighbor that I walk with several days a week. I love chocolate, dark particularly so happy to hear it's healthy .

If you put me on your friends list we can exchange emails. (http://community.retirement-online.com/)


Hi there
by: Ruth Ann Kirkpatrick

Hi Rosemary, I'm a newbie here but want you to know we all in the same big boat of lock downs across the USA, so we can at least know that.

Happy Birthday whenever, mine is the 21st of December and it is the best day of the year, because it is the day here that days begin to lengthen and there is 30 more minutes of light in one month from it. My best birthday gift. (; I don't like dark days.

So hello from Oregon.

Hey Rosemary!
by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

You are a member of the Retirement Community for years now. Go back there, login and find people to write to and chat with. Lots of ladies there!


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