Help! He’s miserable & making me miserable!

by Connie / Central FL

My husband- always has been an easy-going guy.

Married me & took on 3 kids, raised them & now an awesome grandpa to 5. He’s been a long-distance truck driver for 40 years. Gone 5 nites, home 2.

I have always worked but became mobility handicapped several years ago, so work from home.

My husband used to be the primary bread-winner was a very dedicated employee and took pride in his job, and his identity was rooted in these things.

When I became handicapped, he became angry. Then corporate changes began making his job miserable so he retired at 63.

Two days later, unexpectedly, our 20 yr old grandson came to live with us. Our entire life is upside down.

We have to find balance. Any ideas?

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by: Dee

Better than be alone and lonely like I am.

My life is changing
by: Sherry/ NC

When someone comes to live with you your life changes.

Have a family meeting once a week. You need rules in your home. This is your home you pay the mortgage. You set the rules, but also listen to your new roommate. He doesn't know what and when to expect.

Communication is the key to success. Don't assume he
knows to what you are thinking. We all need rules and need to learn to be considerate of one another. The rules teach discipline.

This is what has happened in your life right now. Life throws us curves and we have to learn to live with those curves. We can do it.

Good luck!

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