Help Lord! I'm Having a Senior Moment (book)

by Wendy

Subtitled: Note to God on Growing Old

This is a humorous Christian book on Growing Old.

The product description on Amazon says: "Like it or not, senior moments happen. We might as well laugh about them and thank God for the way they add interest to our lives."

I totally agree that we all should face each day with humor... and it's good to read a book like this, to understand that what is happening you to, affects many many other seniors too!

Some reviews from Amazon were:

-- I bought this book for my Mother, she said it was one of the best books she had read and she said she could not stop laughing.

-- Who would have thought having those forgetful, sometimes embarrassing, senior moments could be so much fun--at least when they happen to someone else.

-- I found myself laughing out loud, nodding and then relaying her quips and common sense with friends and family.

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by: Sharyn~~~CANADA

Yes, will get it at the library. sounds like a good read!

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