HELP! Problem with Husband at Home

My husband retired in 1993 working at a corporation for 37 years. The night he retired, (while my parents were visiting us) my dad became ill and we were the main caregivers from then on for about 3 years.

In 2000, my husband went back to work trying real estate when the selling was good. that worked out well, but never lasted long enough. Then in 2005 when housing fell through, he upped and quit cold turkey, never telling me a thing about it. Our good money stopped coming in and now we are back to living with on a fixed income. It is difficult now especially with high prices continually going, up, up up.

He is now too old to acquire a job at all. He is driving me crazy hanging around the house 24/7.

Whenever he goes out on an errand, he hurrys right back home. My home can never be cleaned like it used to be, with him always interrupting me with this and that, asking questions, etc. I told him, I need to get away from all of this and I mean it. It has been going on way too long and I am sick and tired of it.

I have fibromyalgia and the nerves just can't take it anymore it is trying on my health.

All I want is a little alone time, peace and quiet. Maybe a separation might do it for a short while?

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by: Liusa

I am in a similar situation with a retired husband who cocoons himself in the house. I literally have to push him out by pretending to need something from the store...the longer the list, the better!

I have grown weary of it and am forging ahead. My new goal is to enjoy life outside of the home, which does not involve him.

Even Jesus had downtime away from his disciples! Lol.

by: jojo

gosh, your situation sounds awful - i am so very sorry. the first thing that came to my mind as i read your story was: he needs a hobby...or two...or three! is there anything you can sneakily get him into even if just for an hour or two.

i’d hate for you to be the one to have to leave and start over. do you have family or a close friend to stay with long term? do you have health insurance?

you have my sympathy. my ex pulled a similar shenanigan twice: the first time even putting a shirt and tie on and heading out the door with his briefcase!

hang in there! i hope you have a dear friend or health support group or church (if you are religious) to provide emotional support.

the last thing you need with your condition is unnecessary stress!

sending best wishes and prayers your way.

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