Helping Hand

by Chazz
(Harrisburg, PA)

My wife passed away just over 4 years ago. I moved to another state and met a nice lady there. We got engaged, but not getting married or moving in.

I inherited some money from my wife and have enjoyed using it to travel and more. My fiancee has little money, but what she has, she creates cards for shut ins, prayer lists, etc., but receives no money for them. She does this out of love for humanity. But it puts a burden on me, to sort of support her.

Any idea's how I can help her, without bankrupting me?

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I say be careful
by: Nancy

My alarm bells are going off. If it were me, I wouldn't commingle any finances until you are married. And don't get married until you really know. This sounds very shaky to me. Just my opinion.

My husband and I met in our 40s and dated for 5 years. Neither of us supported the other, we always split trips 50/50. We never commingled finances till we got married and we still have separate checking accounts for some stuff.

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