Hi feeling useless and lonesome-gotta get busy!

by monica
(San Diego)

Hi am 72-stopped teaching 5th grade 62. I was fine for about 2 years. I have no grandchildren and that is very tough on me.

I formed a group of ladies that meet weekly. I have taken a couple of courses-but I do not have many hobbies. looking to volunteer-form a card group.

My husband is still working at 72.

My self esteem needs some work!

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gotta get busy
by: matt i

holy mackrel - not sure i understand this constant anxiety about being busy all the time.
fantastic and wonderful to volunteer and create clubs or join them.

it reminds me of a long distance runner that doesn't enjoy the scenery while they pound hundreds of miles without even a crack of a smile but a grin of pain?

retirement and reflection are not designed to hurry and do more but to remain curious about having the time to learn and wonder whether through travel or just behind the computer.

Feeling Useless and Lonely - I don't think so!
by: Bernard Kelly - Geelong

Hello Monica (San Diego)

Thanks for reaching out - however (from this distance) your only really problem is that your solutions to date aren't giving you the emotional satisfaction that you crave.

So my thoughts are that you should try a totally different approach.

Why not explore joining your local Meals On Wheels?

You'll be doing good work, and you'll develop new friendships.

However the downside of joining such groups is that they'll treat you as a cyper - and you probably need to be in a leadership role to achieve satisfaction.

So here's another option - create your own charity. I have a friend here in Geelong who created Elf Squad - to collect and then donate Christmas gifts to needy families locally.

Her name is Stephanie Bietzel and she runs it totally off Facebook. Here's the link https://www.facebook.com/elfsquad/

Let me know where you land...

72 forming friendly groups
by: Anonymous

If you are in Portland, I would love to be in a weekly group.

Foster Grandparent Program
by: Michael - Upstate NY for the summer!

Monica - I think the AmeriCorps Seniors Foster Grandparent program might be the perfect fit for you. Also, you could offer tutoring services if you want to maintain a connection to teaching.

You sound like a Go-Getter to me!
by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

You say you are lonely -- but you sound ambitious and friendly to me!

Someone has to start these friendly groups, and it certainly sounds like that works great for you! I am sure every member really appreciates your help. Otherwise, they'd be stuck at home alone too.

Wishing you the very best!

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