by joyce
(portsmouth uk)

I hated it when I retired as it made me go out, then we divorced after 38 years so I was on my own.

I had to make another life... I joined different clubs so I could meet people, we go out for a meal once a month , and play cards at a friends house, and I go on holidays and coach trips. I collected used stamps years ago and joined a team playing bar billiards, which I am treasurer now. I send email jokes to friends I made online. I did my family tree which I am stuck with now. We had a large house, I moved to a smaller one with a lovely garden.

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by: Anonymous

Thank you all for your comments I think everyone has days with ups and downs as you say we can do something about it as Ive come across so many people with ill health lately so I am grateful I can do what I can

by: joyce, portsmouth uk

Joe W - before I retired I was working which made me go out. now I belong to clubs and have hobbies but I never get any fresh air as I hate going out on my own.
I stay indoors more now as I am older and cant walk far its the first time I have seen this reply site.

by: lizat100@gmail.com

Joyce, you are exactly right. When you retire you have to make yourself another life.

You do many of the things that I do like joining groups and taking coach trips, etc. There really is stuff all around us if we keep our ears and eyes open and read about various community events about things we would like to do.

I had always thought I wanted to dance and so have joined a line dancing group and have been doing for two years and it's so much fun. Also, there are many events for seniors at local senior centers. I have joined an aerobics group for seniors and I see people there and have made some good friends.

So those that don't know what to do need to start a new life.

How hard is to follow a routine?
by: siva

When you are retired, you have all the time for your self!

But it is hard to follow a routine and keep to it seven days a week!

I agree! But I found that to write my schedule in a diary makes it easier!

I always write it the day before and start following it the next day!

I can give you a sample for that too! Say it is Monday tomorrow:

1. waking up-6.00am -It can vary according to individuals, all morning routine, washing, shower...so on, dressing up get ready for the day

2. Break fast-8.00am -9am .Preparation, and eating

3. reading the news paper or even reading a book-9-10am

4. going for a walk with your pet or your self, voluntary work or any other activities, gardening 10-11am

5. preperation of lunch and eating 11am-12.30 pm

6. going for shopping or any other out door activity 12.30pm-2.30pm

7. sleep or relax, 2.30-3.30 pm

8.preperation for tea time /see a friend for tea
3,30 -4.30pm

9. watch telivision/ leisure time 4,30-6.30

10. Dinner preperation and eating 6.30 -7.30

11. go for a walk any time after 6.30 pm-8.30

12. sleeping time after 8,30 pm.. It depends on individuals!

I hope the above sample helped you to have an idea as to organize a day of work we need to monitor everyday of the week!

You can change the times and the tasks according to you needs .But It is important that we have a strict rule to follow. Otherwise we will loose ourselves easily and get frustrated!

Thank you .

Keeping your self busy
by: siva

i took an early retirement! I was happy!

My three children are married and have their own lives, I have one son left at home. I am separated from my husband recently! My son has a full time job and hardly at home!

When I feel lonely, I attend to my vegetable patch and and my flower pots with full of lovely plants.

I also write poems and write short stories and Novels. I find that my time goes faster when I follow a list of things for the day to attend to!

i hope this tip might help you all my friends!

Hated Retirement
by: Joe W.

Joyce, Hi!

Please explain why you hated retirement because it made you go out?

Joe W.

by: Om Joshi

Thank You,

You are very strong and hope you will be able to enjoy life. Take interest in stamps and art and develop creative hobby.
With best wishes.
Om India

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