Hobby of creation. O.P.Joshi

by Om P. Joshi

American President

American President

I retired 17 years ago and written nearly 10 books.

A few years ago I started painting. First I painted 44 Presidents of USA and their first ladies on single canvas 1200x150 Cm. in oil colors. I think it is only single canvas having a history of all American Presidents.

Then on advise of an American friend I painted a canvas depicting Gandhi' life showing 101 events on 1200x145 Cm. and prepared a narration of the story which cab narrated while showing Gandhi's life.

Now I have planned to paint Guru Nanak's life with his story of his life.

I am painting and publishing Post Cards on Roma culture and Wild life. O.P.Joshi

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Creativity of Seniors
by: Anonymous

I sometimes get very sad for all those people on this website who are lost or at least just don`t know what to do during their retirement life.

I suggest that all these people read this particular post to actually see what it looks like when the glass is half full.

Joe W.

by: Wendy

Joshi Books:
by: Wendy

by: Vithal from Canada

Mr Joshi. You have created a wonderful hobby for yourself.

Can you please tell me the names of books you have written?

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