Home more? No worries!

by Abby A Z
(New Jersey)

It's getting to the point when I do go out whether it's the market or a short run somewhere. Seeing masks and not having interaction with people is very depressing to me.

I would rather stay home with ongoing projects read, talk to the family whether Zoom or on the telephone and this seems to lift my spirits a bit.

In hearing the news we know that the Covid virus will not be disappearig so quickly until there's vaccination and then we will still be wearing masks I'm sure.

Having a negative state of mind does not help things keep positive keep active as much as you can and enjoy doing whatever pleases you.

My husband and I have taken an interest in meditation and I could direct you to a website that is very helpful.

Be well all.

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living with covid
by: diane british columbia canada

I do go out to the stores and do some volunteer work to help shut ins but a starting to wear my mask everywhere now.

I believe I am in a high risk group do to heart disease but don't mind the mask at all. now that it is getting colder outside I find the mask a comfort as it keeps my face warm. I used to have trouble breathing in cold air now the mask takes care of that.

I guess what I am saying is do whatever you are comfortable doing to get us through this pandemic because we will come out the other side and may have a deeper appreciation for the lives we used to live.

by: heidi

thank you for the mention of the meditation website.

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