Home Sweet Home: Time to move on

by Ricardo

Well, as many know who have been reading this web site, and more specifically, some of my ramblings, I am approaching, in one month a full year of doing what I want when I want.

It has been a bit clumsy since my other half is still working, and will be for another month or so. I have learned to slow down and rest, she is still on the "fast track." What she wants done yesterday, I want to wait until tomorrow to accomplish.....so there has been friction to some extent.

We have not agreed on much over the years, BUT we have decided to make the move to a restricted age community about an hour and a half away from where I have spent the last sixty two years of my life.

We have looked at many houses and are having a difficult time deciding. As I contemplate the move and look around at what we have accumulated at our present house for the last thirty five years, I can understand how many seniors are overwhelmed and just stay put!

What do we do with all the "stuff!"

Personally, I would rent a dumpster and just fill it up. I do not understand the mind set of paying to move things that are never used.....go figure!

I am looking forward to the huge clubhouse and all the activities, golf, billiards, clubs, swimming indoors and out, you name it. I guess most of all I am looking forward to developing some new friendships, and moving on to the next phase of this trip we call "life."

I will keep you posted from time to time on our progress.....for now HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ONE and ALL!

Wendy: Richardo, I cannot even BEGIN to imagine moving right now. Like many, you accumulate your "stuff" to fit into every nook and cranny of your home. Not a hoarder, but I have lots of stuff. Dumpster? No, not yet!

Thanks for sharing!

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by: Loyce Smallwood

We confront our stuff and our choices when we choose to move and we must choose to keep or discard and then we must box up what we decide to keep and all this effort and time can be very stressful so perhaps have a friend help with the process.

Too much stuff can bog us down and de/cluttering and downsizing can be liberating. I try to discard clothing I am now wearing and books I have read and I try to not acquire more stuff.

Seems we all have more than we need, for sure.

Smaller Quarters
by: Irwin L

While smaller quarters are good (leastways they are to me the older I get), not everyone would agree. We moved several times since we retired and at present are in a small community (297 homes) and the size of our house is half the size of the one we left in early 2000.

Does it work? For me it does but I am not too sure, had we to do over again, we would. But that is water over the dam so to speak.

Speaking for myself, I find that the smaller the quarters, the less complicated things are. It is easier to find that which we need when we need it and much easier to clean and keep everything in order. Going small works wonders for that old adage: "A place for everything and everything in its place!"

But we do have to keep in mind that when one is married, two must make that decision and both must be happy with the result. We are quite content at the moment because going smaller allowed us to do a lot of the traveling being down to a bigger house (bigger house means bigger payments, higher taxes, higher maintenance fees and so forth and so on. will this be our last place - who knows?

But we are happy doing what we want when we want and so that works for us - today! Now, tomorrow, that is another story.

Didn't mean to ramble on Ric - just wanted to share another retirees thought process with you. I am sure between the two of you, whatever you decide, you will both make it work. Those of us that have been together as long as we have tend to make things happen.

Take care.

Declutter clinic
by: Jeannette

Everybody ought to check out a great resource I found through a couple, Warren and Betsy Talbot. They decided in their 40's to travel the world and so first they sold everything until all they owned was two backpacks!

They are travelling the world and have been since 2010 I think. Anyway so many people were asking how they got rid of everything so they have created an online course called the Declutter Clinic. It is fantastic!

I am not planning to travel the world (too old for that) but I am decluttering and loving the feeling of freedom that comes with getting rid of stuff I never use!!

Check them out. They are very very good at decluttering and funny as well.

You might want to rethink that
by: Dean

Ricardo, before you commit to the move you might want to stay put for awhile after your better half has retired and see how you like it.

My wife and I have been retired for one year and nine months now. Prior to retiring my wife and I had a lot of fun looking at houses about an hour from where we live (Nashville). For awhile we even contemplated building a new home. It was exciting to dream about living in a new area but that all changed once we retired.

Now our situation may be different from yours but we have got really nice neighbors on either side of us. The area we live in has tons of recreation nearby. Our taxes are very reasonable and our home is very nice. Our two adult daughters live nearby and we see both of them and grandchildren regularly. We are close to all kinds of restaurants, shopping and hospitals.

As the time grew close to putting our house on the market we began to rethink our decision to move. We started to realize all of the great things about where we lived. One thing my wife and I did not want to face was moving to a new location and then regretting our move. We couldn't handle the stress or the finances if we had to relocate a second time.

As I said earlier, your situation may be completely different but these are some things you might want to think about. Good luck in whatever you decide to do!

over 55 community
by: Anonymous

Hi Ricardo,

We decided we want families and children around do we didn't move to a "senior" communicy, though, here in Anthem Highlands, Nv, there a Sun City right next to us.

It is nice to have the pools, classes, activities. Does the place you are moving to also have assisted living if you ever need it?

Anyway if you have a big yard sale you can sell a lot of your stuff if your partner will LET you?!!!

by: Sharyn~~~CANADA

Very inspiring note~uplifting~good luck with your future plans~ And that stuff, ya get rid of it or give it to a donation centre, u will require new stuff for another 20 ~ 30 years!

l am truly happy for u 2~ Sounds great, and btw your wife will come round. Sincerely Look forward to your news after u 2 settle in*

A Little House
by: Nina from London

Hello Ricardo,

Couldn't help but laugh at how you describe all the stuff and how you know it will take a lot of energy to sort it. But, that is what I did.

I lived in a huge 5 bedroom house with a big backyard plus front garden...lots of work. Then because I became a widow and my daughter was away at university I thought I would like a small house. It took a while but with the help of my daughter we sold it at the right time.

Encouraging you to give it a try. What rewards to have less maintenace...smaller bills...freedom to travel and not worry about the house. Small is good! But then you may want to hold on and stay where you are for the time being.

Timing is important! When you feel it's time it will happen...1...2...3.

Best of luck, Nina

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