Home Sweet Home

by Ricardo

Well, this time of year many of our thoughts reflect back to home and our loved ones. Home has different meanings to different people.

When I think of the word home I think of comfort, relaxation, security, coziness, and warmth. I think back to the days of my youth and all the security and comfort that I found in the four walls of my home.

I guess that this feeling goes way back to my youth on the southwest side of a large metropolitan city. It was a very small apartment shared with two older brothers, BUT, it was home. Then came a move to the suburbs which became another home. Then I was off to college and was able to come home to that suburban cape cod for the holidays, it was a good feeling being able to come home. Then there was a marriage and another home was established. Then a tour of service and I was able to come home yet again.

As time has gone on in my life, a number of homes have crossed my path.

The last home that I lived in, I lived in for thirty eight years.

As I was driving home this evening to a relatively new one, a slew of emotions hit me, and I felt contented, comfortable, secure, warm, and cozy because I was headed home.....and it was Christmas.

May we all have fond memories during this holiday season of our homes, past and present. Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnite!

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Thanks Ricardo!
by: Wendy

Love it...

Oddly enough, I used to dream of my Grandmothers's home in Ontario, Canada... doesn't happen any more but I dreamed for maybe ten years, on and off, after the home was sold.

My family drove there every Sunday, for dinner with my grandparents. Sunday dinner was always pork roast (grandma had a dinner menu for every day of the week, nothing was random).

A big imposing brick home (but not as large as homes today), big porch where they always had rockers, and tulips galore along the driveway. Inside, hardwood floors with baseboards that were maybe 6-10 inches high... never saw tall baseboards like that, so cool. The home was old-fashioned... oriental carpet in the living room, 40-50s furniture, and the light switches pushed in and out, not flip switches like most homes had.

Grandma had a silver Christmas tree with curly pom-poms on the ends of the branches, few ornaments, she lived pretty frugally -- but I mostly remember that revolving color wheel that made the whole tree change colors! Oh I loved that!

Don't know quite why it impressed me so, but that home made an impression in this little girls heart!

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