How can I attract retirees to my course on "Profitable Hobbies"

by Bernard Kelly
(Geelong, Australia)

I have been described as a "social entrepreneur" for my efforts to enhance the retirement lifestyles for members of my local community - which is affluent, populated by former decision makers, who generally own their own homes.

Recently I have commenced teaching a course on "Profitable Hobbies" at my local lifelong learning center.

But while we had quite an amount of interest in the planning stage, now that we have launched, we simply can't attract students.

What do you suggest?

In appreciation of your comments, I'm happy to send you my book "37 Case Studies of Profitable Hobbies". It's in pdf format, so email me and I bounce it back to you

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Profitable Hobbies
by: Jeanne Savelle/Atlanta


Instead of thinking about how you can attract paying clients, think instead about how you can serve them.

Be creative in offering value.


New Direction for my course on "Profitable Hobbies"
by: Bernard Kelly - Geelong

Thankyou all - in particular Linda from Texas, Sharon N/C and Wendy Retirement Coach.

This is really a vibrant group and I enjoy contributing - as you do too obviously

So I have taken onboard your comments, and I've changed the headline to CREATE YOUR OWN PROFITABLE HOBBY - PART TIME, LEISURE, INCOME

I feel that this branding now suggests more involvement as well as a route map to a final destination as well as working my offer into your existing lifestyle

Watch this space - for background I'll whisper to you that I'm using the template "Teach What You Do" by Debbie Hodge.


Bernard Kelly

Profitable Hobbies
by: Linda from Texas

Maybe that’s what they are interested in - the planning and organizational stage and not the actual running of a business or hobby. Can you use them in that manner? Or can they provide a list of potential students?

Is A Profitable Hobby Still a Hobby?
by: Jeanie/CA

I enjoy making things and I used to make more things while I was working; I made items to give away as gifts.

I also purchased a lot of stuff, saving it for retirement. For example, rubber stamping. I had boxes of stamps & supplies, I figured I was going to do rubber stampping after I retired. Unfortunately I lost interest!

It's so much easier using the online graphics. Besides that, the rubber stamps now have see through handles, not like the wooden handles that I had, you can't see what you are stamping underneath the stamp.

After spending so much money on this hobby, I boxed them all up and gave them to my niece. Thank goodness she accepted them.

Through the years I have given away fabric paints, buttons for button dolls, and many other arts and crafts supplies.

I kept the beads to make jewelry, I stopped playing with beads years before I retired. I would like to start up again. Now they have so many free online classes and many different variety of new beads & supplies. They even have jewlery kits to purchase.

But I had to stop the impulse buying, I'm on a fixed income. I told myself I'm not buying until I get rid of my old bead stash! My new project is to find ways to use up my bead stash!

Meanwhile, I started learning how to crochet, and yes, I made some cute items to give away. I even did a little painting.

I thought of making jewelry to sell online, but that means having to make a lot of jewelry for inventory, keeping up with online posting, monitoring the website, selling, mailing, etc., etc.. Now that sounds more like work.

I do love to create. I think I'll be happy making things on my own leisure time, no pressure.


by: Sharon/NC

Update the title to "Profitable Side Hustles". That is what this is called these days😄

Profitable Hobbies
by: Sue/ Toronto

Consider changing the title as it sounds a bit vague.

How to Take Your Hobby and make money in retirement
27 Hobbies that can make money in retirement

It doesn't feel clear if you are going to give them a list of ideas or show them how they can take a hobby they already have and make money.

I do think it's a great course and would have lots of appeal with the right audience.

My Thoughts
by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

It sounds like you aren't reaching your audience. It is likely the affluent retirees don't need a profitable hobby, right?

Maybe you can market it nearby where people might enjoy extra income?

How about changing the name of the course -- from Profitable Hobbies to something like "Find Purpose and Socialize with a Profitable Hobby". That's too long, but you get the idea -- they need to socialize still, and it's more fun when you gather around a specific interest. Plus, it gives them purpose each day to pursue instead of boredom.

Just my quick two cents!

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