How have you all gone about finding your new locations?

by Vicki

I am curious as to how you all have searched for your retirement locations.

We have made a mistake in where we are now and will move but I don’t want to make another mistake.

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Appreciate support
by: Peggy/Spokane,WA

So nice to hear from others who have struggled to pick "The best," retirement location. I think it is a very big problem that is talked about frequently. However, not as much written about the possibility of make the wrong choice and the ensuing struggles.

moved and moved back
by: Anonymous

I had a reason to move into my deceased mother's home in a retirement community in Vancouver, Wa. for two and a half years. This would have been a great financial permanent move, as Washington State has no state taxes. I had loaned my home in Portland, Oregon (9 percent state taxes) to my son and his family.

Oh, though I was thrilled to be able to simply help my son, personally I enjoyed nothing about the retirement community. People "told" on each other to the community board. People "watched" each other. It was a 2 mile walk to the bus.

So, when I moved BACK to my Portland home, I really really really appreciated having two buses that come every ten minutes exactly 1 block from my house. My neighbors are helpful and everyone is just accepting. The post office is 3 blocks away, the grocery store is 4 blocks away. My favorite coffee shop where I walk each day is 1.4 miles away.

At the very minimum I learned what is important to me.

I also tried a very very expensive beautiful house in California. Surrounded by successful nice entrepreneurs, helpful at the height of their success. Lovely intrapersonal experience. Here again, though, no frequent very nearby public transit access. It was also in the hills and I found that my hips hurt from the pounding of walking downhill on concrete on the hills.

I have tried New York City, Brooklyn, and would like to have a second home, even a room, there if I could afford it. This is because I have a little grandson there (7 years old), who I could babysit for only on an as needed basis. Good public transportation and the people of NYC are amazing.

I would AVOID a college only town. I lived in Corvallis Oregon. It is a one-generation town for the most part.

My advice: try it out. Make no move til you try it out.

Thought we had it right...
by: Peggy/ Eastern WA

Well, my husband and I moved across state to be near adult children and a grandson we had raised. We located to a semi rural area in a beautiful setting.

Sounded great but...the distance to get to everything really wore on us. Everything was 50 minutes or more away. As well, as we age we realized we wanted to be near our ild friends who we had a history with. Neither of us are good joiners.

So, after almost 4 years we have moved back to our old hometown. Anxiety is high but we believe we have made the right decision. Children are busy with their lives so having close friends also entering retirement to do activities with is great.

Retirement relocation
by: Dean/ Nashville TN

My wife and I lived in upstate New York but very often vacationed in the Smokeys. We liked that part of the country so much that we decided we'd like to retire there.

I was in my early forties and had just sawed my third hole in the ice for ice fishing when something just clicked. I decided I had enough of these long, cold winters. I was very fortunate as my boss didn't want me to leave the company and he agreed to help me transfer to Nashville TN.

So here we are 25 years later and very happy with the choice we made.

by: Ricardo

Vicki, a few comments concerning "location" upon retirement. First and foremost is a place that you are comfortable AND safe with quality health care close by. Climate would also play a roll as would public transportation. Vibrant areas of the country would include areas with universities near by. Cost of living would also enter the picture.

Having family and friends close certainly cannot hurt, but, sons and daughters have their own lives to deal with and that is what you need to discern, many, many choices in deciding.....good luck with your choice!

One last important point, it should be a decision arrived at MUTUALLY if you are blessed with a mate.

Retirement Locations
by: Ned St Paul

many have open houses, do the leg work and check them out, talk to the people that are there, make a list of things you would like and ask if they can accommodate them, and then there is always the costs to compare.. after checking a few out you might get a better idea of what is available .

place to retire
by: diane. canada

I choose the place to live based on my grandchildrens need for a grandma close. Although I don't regret it I miss the coast where I was brought up . don't think I will move now but often 2nd guess myself.

Finding Your New Location to Retire
by: Sherry/ NC

Hi there, Ask yourself what are your interests?

I had lived away from my home state for 22 years, but I told myself I would retire to my home state when the time came because I love the climate. The climate and economy were the big factors for me!

When I was 53 years old I decided to change jobs and move to my home state; so I took a chance and prayed and it did work out great for me. I was divorced and moved to a town where there is lots to do for a single person; also I love the ocean and it is right here. There are sufficient volunteer jobs and there is a big Senior Center here for me to enjoy the activities.

Good luck and take your time!

by: Anonymous

What elements make you think you made a mistake? Texas is wonderful.

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