How long???

by Sad in Pa

I would like to share my story...its similar to a lot of other retirees.

Retired in Dec-2014 , age 60, after 32 yrs of state service.

First mistake, retiring in in the dead of winter.

Second problem, in such a hurry to leave , not enough planning on my part in what to do with all the new found free time. Crashed with depression, got on meds and found a part time job in March.

Life seemed ok as a busy summer but now here it is Nov and am crying every day, can't sleep, even with working.

Feel lost and alone and I am married, hubby likes retirement and not too understanding of my depression.

Can't seem to get focused on what to do, can only manage to work, walk dog, and hang out with a few other retired ladies.

When will it get better?

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by: John

I'm sorry depression has a hold on you. Have you seen a psychiatrist? They can help weed out any physical problems or med side effects that may cause it.

It is just as real either way, but alleviating it has different possibilities.

Maybe you were closer to your ex co-workers than you had realized and miss them. You could still set a lunch date with them and catch up on the latest.

You could look up people who had retired before you too.

It Will Get Better
by: Patti

I retired 04/30/13. The transition to retirement has been extremely difficult for me.

Even though I have activities (volunteer work, classes, exercise, travel) I still seem to have a lot of hours to fill.

I miss the camaraderie of my co-workers....we worked hard, had a lot of stress, but we also laughed every day. I liked the little discussions about movies, books, current events, TV programs, etc.

At the last minute we'd grab a bunch of people and go to dinner after work, and we always celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, retirements. I miss all that even now.

I never married and have no children, and I mostly just worked. Then all of a sudden I was faced with finding things to do to fill up the time.

People not yet retired would always tell me "when I retire I'm going to do NOTHING." Yeah, that's fun for about a week.

I think the thing that bothers me the most is that the next big thing IS death. The death of my Dad and then, ultimately, my own death.

For the first year after I retired I was pretty much a wreck. But now I'm almost through the second year and it has gotten better. I've accepted that there will be busy periods and then some not-so-busy periods, and that's OK.

I've come to appreciate not having to worry about work if I haven't slept well, or if I have a migraine. I love being able to plan trips without worrying about what's waiting for me when I get back.

I'm able to enjoy Christmas without stressing out over year-end number crunching. I have time to go to the fitness center.

I cried a lot the whole first year, so you are not alone. It's a HUGE transition, and some sail through it and for others it is mind-boggling.

Hang in there - I have to say it does get better.


Yes it will get better! You've found the perfect place to help you discover your new life!

It is my birthday everyday
by: Tom

A few comments. Why is it your husband enjoys retirement?

Do you have a retirement or senior citizens hall in center in your area.

There is something out there that will offer you happiness I promise. A new church keep trying a new activity or friend. Get in shape clean up and make yourself available.

That is what kids to at a new school and before long they are skipping home with a new friend.

It sounds like your depression is not through chemicals but something you are not doing to get out of it.

Go to the movies, a dance, crafts, do something to help others learn something. I believe you are depressed. I also believe you have to move around and try different things before you are no longer depressed.

If you sit in your house depressed what can change, maybe change chairs?

Fix up a room of your own the way you would like it. Put things in it you enjoy.

Everyday I truly find a good reason for it to be my birthday.

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