How To Decide To Retire...

The decision to Retire is a Huge Lifetime Decision!

There are no easy answers to the question HOW and WHEN do I RETIRE? This is a very personal decision...

My first question to you is: WHAT will you DO all day, every day, post-retirement?

Retirement sounds like a thrill, total freedom, until you retire!  If you don't have a plan for this, think twice... look at all the retirement anxiety stories from real retirees on the bottom of this page to see it's not that easy!

The second question is what you'd expect: Do you have enough monthly retirement income, or a plan on how to overcome the lack of money? If not, check out my retirement finances page for ideas!

NOTE: To me, based on my experiences with retirees (both in my former occupation and here on this website) - first think about who you are in retirement and what you will do all day, then make sure you can deal with your retirement income and expenses. 

There is no easy checkoff list on retirement. This are no right or wrong answers to the personal decision of retirement.

Every one of us faces different options in retirement -- just as every one of us has lived different lives prior to retirement.

Whether you face challenges in retirement, or are ready to jump into retirement, readily embracing all it has to offer -- let's see how others the Retirement Transition!

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