How to Generate Passive Income

What IS Passive Income?

Passive Income can be investment earnings, rental earnings, and more... but in the online world, that means doing the work once, and the ongoing income becomes passive.

I don't totally believe that, as you need to keep websites, classes, emails updated... there is some work involved even after income begins.

However, many online entrepreneurs truly DO the the work once, making it "evergreen" and income flows in.

I wrote a page about Passive Income here.  Amazon can be passive income too.

Dennis Becker's Earn $5/Day

I purchased this simple book Five Bucks A Day  years ago.

Dennis Becker is the real thing... he was deeply in debt, age 60, and needed to fix his future retirement, and fast. He had a hard time, struggling to make ends meet, and tells his story — the goal $5/day earned online! He’ll show you how he did it and you can do the same. His writing is very down to earth so you won’t be confused while reading this one.

Dennis also has a Five Bucks A Day Jr. Book which is a condensed version for those who want to just get on with it AND those who need help but can’t afford much.

Told ya Dennis is a great guy!

To shorten the story, Dennis turned his $5.Day Book into a $1000/Day Club with many members. 

Can you IMAGINE $1000/day income in retirement?  I honestly can't, but I've met many online entrepreneurs who earn great money! Many make their full income online, this is their work. 

Dennis is retiree age, and I love that! 

Now his membership program is called Earn $1K A Day… and many follow him. He’s obviously moved up in the online world, from $5 per day to $1K (and more) per day.

This membership program is almost overwhelming as he has so many downloadable programs you can learn. Dennis buys the rights and allows members to learn from them. You can find oodles of great programs in the Earn $1K a Day library so that you can learn almost any type of online business. 

This membership is approximately $50 per month, but many of the programs are valued at more than the monthly fee for the one class/program. You get the potential to experience many different teachers out there, for one monthly fee. 

It's really a fabulous opportunity -- comes with a 30 day guarantee too!

FYI – I do receive an affiliate commission if you purchase any of these items. You’ll learn how to do that using Dennis teachings,

I recommend Dennis Becker’s products because they are good, easy to comprehend, and Dennis is the perfect guide to making an income oniine as he as done this! 

AND he did this as a senior too!

I met Dennis at his Business conference in Las Vegas a few years ago!