Passive Income Definition & Examples of Passive Income

First, I must say, there is no such thing as really passive income. Anything that provides an income comes with "work", right? 

Some people think you can get passive income from no work at all... but even old sites with income flowing in, need constant updates to show they are active.

My Passive Income Definition

Passive Income, using my own online work definition, is simply an income using websites or blogs, that comes to you rain or shine. 

  • Passive Income doesn't end if you take a month to travel. 
  • Passive income isn't the 9-5 work routine, it happens 24/7 even when you are sleeping.

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Passive income is supplemental income and not income to rely on to pay your bills - until you are well into the process. I think of it as extra savings, vacations, niceties of life. If you do this as a business, you can have a steady, ever-increasing income... and pay your bills.

You do the work once, and if you are lucky, the income comes in for years to come.... the key is You Must Do The Work First.

Passive income might also come from rental properties, investments, etc. but we are talking about Online Income here.

Examples of Passive Income on my Website:

There are passive income links on this website, but you probably don't even recognize them as such. I will discuss them in more length later, but will lay the foundation here:

  1. Google Adsense Income - Most of the pages on my site are informational about all aspects of retirement. At the top left, I have Adsense Ads... a simple piece of Adsense code I pasted into my site, and Google delivers appropriate ads. If you click, I earn an income. Simple, right?
  2. - I have lots of Amazon links on my pages. One example is the Book Store image on the top of the right column. As you visit my bookstore, each book links to the Amazon pages. If you buy, I get a commission.  
  3. Affiliate Income -  This is new for my site. I am writing about classes I've taken and mentors I follow. If you purchase a product, again, I get a commission... that is how affiliates work, and YOU can do the same thing with a blog. Here is a free book on Affiliate Income from NAMS (my biz coach) which will provide lots of ideas on how to make money online.

Some bloggers get big enough so that companies in their niche want to sponsor them. I get weekly emails from advertisers wanting to buy a link on the site (something I haven't done). Advertisers will pay for posts, or offer you free products so you will review them, etc.

I hope this helps you get a perspective on how to build your passive income with a website or blog! There are so many sites that allow you to sell for them, I'm just getting started here!

Fun Fun!

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