How to get all my benefit information organized

by Linda

My oldest son has been questioning me on getting my event of death in order. I have a grave but live out of state now. There are decisions to make as to burial vs. cremation.

My age is 66 and I am in good health. My son won't be able to travel to take care of anything for me because he has been injured.

I have questions about what to do with getting all my eggs in one basket so to speak. Finding out payment benefits from employment and SS and making arrangements, designation of agents and power of attorney.

I have so many forms and information from when I retired and feel so stressed and confused. I need a coach.

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Why stress?
by: Bob indiana

No need to stress. Find a bank trust officer and an attorney. Establish a family revocable trust and contribute most or all assets to the trust that you control and are primary beneficiary of during your life or while you are capable of managing your affairs. Upon your death the trust becomes irrevocable and your trust administrator will follow any instructions you had established. Not an attorney and this is not legal advice.

Call an Attorney
by: Wendy


Go to see a local attorney, but find one that specializes in wills and estates. You might google:

Wills Attorney in Denver CO

See what comes up and call for a FREE Consultation. You might even get a free consult from 2-3 to see what they advise... and what they charge. Ask what you'd need to do to take care of your estate, tell them you've got a disabled son, ask if you'd need a simple will or will it be more complex and costly.

You really need legal help, not a coach, to do this correctly - espeically with a disabled son.

THEN -- which one did you connect and feel you trusted best? Were there fees all approximately the same?

Get it done, You'll feel much better when its all completed.

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