How to Get Out of this Funk?

by Kim getz

Hi, I had surgery in Feb. I had to retire the following July, it was retire or get fired.

I am 60, it is winter so outside activities are out. My partner can't do a lot of walking from health problems. I had a physical job where I walked 10 miles a day. Today I'm luck to get a thousand steps. I only have a high school diploma. Blue collar you could say.

I don't know if I can make another day of doing nothing, and feeling useless. I really have no desire to do much. Any ideas on how to get out of this funk? Money is always a problem, but, doable.


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Funk be Gone!
by: Wee-zer

There are a lot of FREE things you can do. Look up things in your local paper or internet and even the library.

There are lots of volunteer opportunities out there. If you like to walk, then call a local animal shelter and offer to dog walk. On the internet look up Meet Ups. There are groups in your area that hike, bike, and just about anything you are interested in. Call local organizations like food bank, soup kitchen, fire department, habitat for humanity. There are tons of organization that need help.

Get a part time job. Learn a new hobby. Learn a new language. Buy a new cookbook that you LOVE and vow to make every recipe in it. Check out your local Senior Center. Good luck!

Outside is good
by: Sue/ Coldwater

Hello, I retired at 62 and I am coming up on two years in Coldwater. I will be moving to another state but I know the Michigan environment and I like the outdoors so here are some suggestions.

Near Wayne you have lots of wooded Metroparks that allow for extended walking. I have also found that I like Disc Golf. It is a frisbee like disc and you work from tee to tee to each chain on a post basket. The baskets are the tees. You usually meet others on the course and they will be happy to give you some pointers or have you join them for a a partial round while you learn. It is great for all abilities.

I also fish for panfish from shore. They will bite worms and you can feed the fish while pretending to fish ! You will see a lot of wildlife while you are there and your nervousness will settle down as you do it.

If you have a backyard, and you do not like to garden or do plants, do some rockwall building. You can build your own landscape and modify it as you wish.

If you are sitting out in the sun looking for something to do, buy an expensive bag of pecans that you order from down south at the pecan farm. I find that shelling pecans is a great outdoor activity, and I get some healthy eating and baking nuts out of the bargain. (Whole hazelnuts, filberts, and good for this too).

Not sure what pleases you, but here are some ideas.

Good luck to you !


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