How to remain happy throughout the time we have left

by Irwin Lengel
(Lakeland, FL)

Have you found that the older we get, retirement tends to undergo several changes. Whether you have retired five years ago or fifteen years ago, at one or more points during your retirement years, when you stop and think about it, several changes have, in all probability, taken place.

Perhaps years ago you used to wake up at 5 AM and may have had an exercise schedule you followed religiously but such has not been the case lately. Or, you still have an exercise program but not as stringent and not one that starts at 5 AM in the morning!

We are a prime example of such change. If I recall correctly, we had a limited exercise program immediately after we retired that included walking and weight lifting. Eventually, due to yet another life experience change (fodder for another post), we began line dancing.

Recently though we changed our routine once again and while we are getting our exercise, the present program calls for less line dancing and we are not quite sure we want to do that. So, either we will continue with the current program and add more line dancing as well or we may go back to primarily line dancing with an amendment to our current program.

Other changes are more time spent at the computer, more time to read, doing odd jobs at the spur of the moment most of which because I now have the time to do them, and a myriad of other things.

If we want to pick up and go shopping, or a movie, or lunch, we just pick up and go. And should we spend hours on the street as I like to call those times that we are shopping or just away from home doing various little things, so be it!

One thing we have learned since retiring is whatever projects we have or think we have that has to be done, unless they are definitely earth-shattering ones like “hey, the roof has a leak that needs to be fixed”, tomorrow is yet another day. If we are up to it and the project is one that we want to do, we go for it.

But, if we think the project can wait and doesn’t necessarily have to be done – there is no rush in doing it. As an aside and speaking of projects that can be done during retirement to utilize our new free time, jewelry making is such a project. (you guessed right, not my bag but it is a hobby that my wife loves and does utilize in her free time).

Another thing we can do during our retirement years is become more tech savvy. What do I mean by that? Well, let me just say that while I consider myself somewhat tech savvy, I will be the first to admit that, bottom line, I know just enough to be dangerous when it comes to knowing my cell phone and laptop computer.

Let’s face it I am sure that both my cell phone and my laptop could do a lot more than I utilize them for. So what I am saying is that, in my free time now that I am retired, one of the things I should be doing is become familiar with the ins and outs of our high-tech toys.

To be continued…………………..

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How to remain happy throughout the time we have left
by: Pat/Delaware

I love your post Irwin.....I enjoyed reading it.

I just recently realized that retirement has changed for me. I have been retired almost four years and am trying to come up with new and different activities that my husband and I might like.

When I first retired, we tryed new restaurants, went to local places we had not visited previously, but now it is like we been there/done that.

Delaware's roads are congested almost 24/7.
We would like to venture into Pennsylvania/Maryland, but those roads too are crowded.

I guess we are just going to have to get the nerve and get out there.

I'm glad you are tech savvy. I need to purchase a new laptop soon, so I'm sure I will be playing around with it learning still new technology....Windows 10.

How to remain happy throughout the time we have left.
by: Janet

Hello Irwin,

Thank you for your post, it is both interesting and inspiring. It is important for us to remain happy through out the time we have left.

I have been struggling with this topic. I had the sudden loss of my husband, my soul mate going on two years come November 28, 2016. I am still in a state of grief but trying to move on.

I now realize that my husband is not coming back.
I have been told that I am still living and I have to do what makes me happy.

It is still very difficult as I was used to being a couple, doing things together, going places together. My whole world has changed and is now turned upside down. I know that I cannot stay in this place in my life, I have to be willing to make changes. I want to be happy again....

Thank you for your post. I look forward to your next write.

by: Ricardo

To comment on Irwin and his post, and to be more "concise", in retirement we should be doing WHAT we want WHEN we want to do it....enough said, no need to go any further. There is no need to extrapolate, case closed!

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