Humane Society Volunteer after Retirement

by Richard J. Harrisburg

One of the recent volunteer activities I was able to help out with was working at the local Humane Society.

My wife and I have always loved animals, and she worked there as a volunteer while we were both still working full time jobs. When she mentioned that there were openings for volunteers, I decided to give it a shot and see if I would enjoy it.

My role as a volunteer ranges anywhere from walking the dogs, feeding and watering the cats and dogs, and helping out as needed.

I usually work about 2-4 days per week, and depending on the course of the day, I am usually there with my wife for about 2-4 hours. I am still working as a volunteer and have been in this position for a little over 5 months now.

I enjoy it very much, as it breaks up my day and allows me to get out of the house. The work isn't very tiring, although some of the animals you have to be careful of.

My wife worries that I'm going to bring another dog home with us one day at the end of our shifts.

As long as nothing terrible happens, I can see myself helping out here for at least a couple of years or so.

There are other hobbies and activities that I want to pursue, but in the meantime this is a nice way to relax and help out an organization that needs it.

If you love animals as much as my wife and I, or are looking for an interesting volunteer opportunity, I would suggest contacting your local Animal Shelter and inquiring about volunteer opportunities.

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Humane Society volunteer

by Daniel

I am retired and volunteer about four to eight hours a week at our local Humane Society in Santa Clara County Arizona.

This like any volunteer opportunity I have sought has been not just a learning experience, or a satisfying way to use hours left empty in my life, But a few hours each week where I relax and enjoy the fact that dogs, and cats actually do give unconditional love.

If we humans worry about what money can buy, or how much money is needed to buy, then our best friends in fur are happy with a pat on the head, a good brushing, a walk or a biscuit.

Giving is said the receipt paid for to give is so very much more important than taking.
Volunteering a few hours a week is a commitment.

I am needed to help in Reds Thrift Store, or help with cleaning the Kennels, and I think I'm an expert in dog laundry tasks.

I particularly enjoy doing a few chores such as raking leaves, or sweeping the walks and parking lot. And all the while I work there are those two little eyes that follow me.

Little brown eyes, and if I turn and notice, I'm given a gift immeasurable. A wag of a tail that is bigger than any smile.

In your community are many local volunteer activities. I believe there is no better way to make friends, or spend a morning or afternoon than achieving "something".

Self esteem increase as tasks are accomplished. Stress and anxiety are reduced as we are valuable members of a team. And love, where love conquers all.

As we approach aging or as we enjoy youth new experiences in this world, economically depressed, lets look again to programs like Americorp where we can volunteer to make America better.

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by: Anonymous

It inspires every reader and hope your ideas will encourage people.
I am working in Gujarat Vidyapith, University established by Mahatma Gandhi. Here all students Voulenters to clean the campus in early morning. The campus has large number of trees, so it is to be washed every day.
Your ideas will help all friends.

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Volunteer at a Animal Shelter

by Dave
(No. Michigan)

I volunteer at a local animal shelter.

It's pretty fun overall, although you do have to clean out the crates/kennels from time to time, and it can be sad if there is a dog or cat that is unadoptable and needs to be put down.

Overall it is fun to spend time with the animals though and definitely very worthwhile.

It was pretty easy to get this position I just called the local animal shelter and most of them are always looking for volunteers.

It usually takes a week or two to get used to the work and you must be able to lift a certain amount - maybe 50 lbs. or so.

You also should not do this type of work if you have allergies - the shelter I work at can be dusty, not to mention the pet hair, so be advised that this work environment is not for everyone.

You will however run into some very kind people - most non-profits have very nice people working for them.

The pets are very nice too - just be careful that you don't get too attached or else you will want to adopt every single animal!

I have had this problem but the two dogs we have are plenty for us.

The other good thing about our shelter is that it is obviously pet-friendly and I can bring one of my two dogs there.

They also "volunteer" there as well and we test the adoptable dogs with them to make sure that they will get along with the other dogs.

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Retiree Volunteered at the Animal Shelter

by Maggie

I am the type of person that always has to be busy. So when my veterinarian suggested that I volunteer at her animal shelter in Tucson Arizona, I quickly agreed.

Having four dogs, I have never seen myself as a cat person, but the animal shelter is full of cats.

I admit that I was a little intimidated by those small ferocious creatures and they seemed to know it. For the next few weeks, I was a nervous wreck around the cats and suffered several battle wounds from their attacks. I was told by cat people that the cats are just showing love, but I had my doubts.

Dogs just never seem to hiss and swat at innocent bystanders when they walked by, but these cats all but attacked. At one point, in the "˜Kitten Room", one of crazy kittens decided to climb my back and in doing so, left a couple of scratches.

I'd almost had enough when a little girl came in with her daddy and decided to adopt a monster cat named Heath. As I watched, Heath crawled into her lap and began purring as she gently stroked his fur. I felt a little guilty because I was threatening to use a can of mace on the devil cat and there he was, as gentle as a lamb.

As Heath was put into his carrier I decided that maybe I was a little harsh with him so I went to say goodbye. True to form Heath took one last swipe at my nose before the carrier door was closed. And as I watched that crazy cat leave with his new family, I felt really good about being part of a happy ending.

For those who know and understand animals, I would really recommend volunteering at local animal shelters.

The need there is great but so are the rewards.

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