Husband needs to find something to do

by Susan
(Arizona )

My husband is a wonderful man but he must find SOMETHING to do. He's been retired for four years and has very little outside interests.

I come home from work and when I ask whatcha doing the answer is ALWAYS "Waiting for you ." ...waiting for me to do what ???

If I work from home , he follows me around nude all day and trys to get seen in my Zoom calls . He lays in bed nude the majority of the day and I'm suppose come home to service him because he's well rested after doing nothing all day and I've been up since 5:00 am.

He can tell me which celebrity is divorcing , marrying or having affairs. He constantly asks if I've seen a certain post on social media ...I'm working and do not have time to lay around on social media all day .

I suggested he find a hobby and turns out I AM HIS HOBBY !

I'm utterly exhausted and frustrated .


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Husband needs something to do
by: Sherry /NC

He needs a job; paying or volunteer.

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