Husband Retired

by Donna

My husband retired early this past March of 2020. Since then he's, been terrible to live with.

He said we'd spend more time together. Yeah, right! All he does is sleep all day and even early in the evening. If he's awake, he sits and looks at his laptop.

We are currently in marriage counseling because I am ready to leave the marriage.

I do all the cooking, cleaning, etc. while he barely does anything.

Anyone else experiencing this with their husband? I know Covid makes it hard to do much, but we don't hardly communicate anymore.

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by: Mary Lou

Yes - but I do better when I'm busy so I just deal with it - I stay active and that will always be my best self.

Can't change him - so I 'stay in my own lane' - and Carry on .....

Make him an invitation
by: Jeanne Savelle/Atlanta

Try inviting your husband to do something with you. Put on a favorite song and ask him to help you in the kitchen or dance around the kitchen. Ask him to take a walk with you holding hands. Ask him to look in your eyes. Stand at the window and admire nature. Take a small step to change both your lives.

P.S. My husband and I are reading Alice in Wonderland together out loud, alternating chapters.

Husband Retired
by: Carol Arsenault

My husband is the opposite. He retired young and now thinks he has to do everything. And that I do everything wrong. He cooks, shops, gets groceries, fills the dishwasher (because obviously, I don't know how after 25 years). I still do the cleaning though. But the rest of the time I am bored to death. He took a part-time job and even on those days rushes home to cook. He plans the meals even.

On the rare occasion, I do cook (like Xmas) he tells me how to cook, what temperature to cook it at and even when to put it in the oven. It drives me crazy and so I just sit at the computer.

It was always my job to walk the dog but now with covid, he stopped going to the gym and wants to walk the dog almost every day. I only get to walk him on the days he works. I could go with him to walk the dog but I like my walks alone. I let the dog decide where he wants to go but of course my husband has to boss the dog as well. So the walks are not as pleasant. Sigh!

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