Husband Still Volunteers at Age 97

by Betty Audet
(Palmerston, ON, Canada)

Both my husband and myself have spent a great deal of time as volunteers since we retired. We have done a great deal of executive work for senior organizations and from there helped to organize some health services such as Meals on Wheels, volunteer driving. We trained and have done work for Hospice. We have done a great variety of things for churches.

At 92, my husband was given a national gold medal by the Victorian Order of Nurses for the years of work he had done for them.

He is now 97 and has developed a severe hearing problem, which limits the work he can do. He still takes patients from the nursing home by wheel chair to the hospital for tests. He cleans the snow from cars for all the elderly ladies in our apartment building and they call him "the snowman". He puts me through my physical therapy exercises every morning and helps with a variety of activities. He keeps himself in shape by walking to stores etc.

The word so often used to describe him is amazing and it really is for he spent the entire Pacific war in a Japanese prison camp.

Wendy: Betty, your husband certainly is AMAZING!

Quite extraordinary, actually!

Thanks for sharing his story -- I hope readers who find this page will comment on this story so he can read them!

Comments for Husband Still Volunteers at Age 97

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Caring and Affectionate Husband
by: Lyth Cabarrubias

My sincere and heartfelt congratulation to you Betty for having a very caring, affectionate and wonderful husband. I pray to God for his good health always, More years to serve and More Happiness to both of you. God bless.

by: Ellen

I think its wonderful that your husband still volunteers. Mine does also. And he is able to do so because of our retirement planning package we got with out Investor, so we no longer have to worry about finances. I have been thinking of volunteering at the hospital, as so many of my friends do.

It is simply amazing that he is 97!

We are in our early 70s, and I pray each night that we will still be active at that age.

Just thought I would share a tidbit of knowledge with you all, and to show my appreciation for the volunteering you all do.

Simply The Best.
by: Helen Low

My Comment comes from Bonny Scotland. God Bless your husband for all his great efforts into helping others who are not so able. His story certainly deserves a reward, however he will be rewarded by his own self asteem.

Give him a big kiss from me.

My Sincere Best Wishes to you both.

Well done.Helen.

well done
by: charles wilcocks

i can only say GOD is great and all praise to HIM. what is life without GOD like an empty can.

i am 87 and enjoy everyday when we begin to realise that we do not live for ourselves but for others arround us then we see the need and it is more blessed to give than to receive.

Carry on my friend, never give up...

It's Never too Late!
by: Anonymous

God bless your husband and you, too.

You will never know what you have meant in the lives of the people you have touched. Your husband gives new meaning to the words, "Love one another."

is life is a wonderful example of love and this world is fortunate to have him.

Amazing Volunteer!
by: Shirley

What an amazing man. You should be proud of him. we should have more like him around. He should be given a medal for all of the help he has given people

Salute to selfless service
by: Michael Yeager

Betty, your husband is an inspiration to us younger seniors. He adds credence to the theory that the key to longevity is putting yourself aside and doing for others.

Surviving being a prisoner of the Japanese is much more than most people go through or can even imagine. I suspect this experience shaped his outlook on life.

I am a Vietnam Veteran and I salute your husband and his selfless service to his fellow man.

by: Karen

Betty, your husband is amazing. What a great inspiration he is for all of us.

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