I am going stir crazy , with out good friends

by Jane

Since 2001 I have been going stir crazy cause that is when I lost my best friend to cancer.
I am just looking for some good friends to chat with, laugh with.

Little about me I am funny, like to camp, dance, play cards, my favorite is spades. cheering on the green bay packers and I am a Catholic lady.

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Don't lose hope
by: RUTH

DearJane! I'm really so touched but don't lose hope you have someone some day as a friend. Meanwhile, you can engage yourself in so many activities to get over occupied. With this,you will have less time to think about your friend.

Some of them are
Reading interesting books
Watching interesting films
Having a walk
Emailing friends
Listening to favorite music
Watching games if have interest in them
Playing games in case you love them
Go to church and join associations if you have interest and so many
Im sure you will get used and forget about it

Ruth did a nice job
by: Me too

After reading the nice comment by Ruth, I see how self-centered and un-helpful mine was. It's just that I am grieving, too, but Jane, things will get better.

I believe it!

Here's a more helpful suggestion than my first post.

When my friend was first diagnosed with a terminal illness, I actively sought help in the form of therapy, support groups, etc. Try your local hospice, hospital, cancer treatment center, for example.

I found free support groups for the bereaved and free counseling, available for the asking if you want it.

Now we just have to make new friends 😅 As if that's easy LOL

My best wishes to you, Jane, and thank you Ruth!

Iam going stir crazy
by: Ruth

Dear sister Jane, mourning is not a sin.

You are right and you are supposed to have enough time for this. There's no stated period, it depends on how close you have been with the deceased. After that, you will try to come up with occupying activities as you would wish.

You will try to get new friends, go to church for fellowships, do what pleases you, listen to music, avoid lonely environments, attend social gatherings and so forth.

Eventually time will come when you will not be thinking about her and you will make it, sister.

No replacement for old BFF
by: Me too, New England

I totally understand. I am 69 years old. At 19 I met a fellow college student who became my best friend and stayed that for the next 50 years.

She died less than 2 months ago from a brain tumor which took her in under 6 weeks.

We, She, her other friends and I, all thought she would live and struggle for at least a few months. We certainly didn't wish her suffering, but we thought we would have a chance to talk before she had to go.

We didn't. The tumor hurt her brain, damaged her mind so that she couldn't relate to us even in the short time she had.

My heart broke then and continues to break. The tears are always close.

I am so lonely.

She was my best and only friend and now she is gone.

I sat in the Hospice and watched her as she lay dying. I read to her, talked to her, apologized to her, asked her forgiveness and gave her all of mine, for everything, I thanked her, for everything, asked her to look for me when I come across. It broke my heart, over and over.
I said "I love you."

And couldn't do much more, but I still miss her a hundred times a day, I cry, I am so lonely.

lost friend to cancer
by: Anonymous

Hi. About 9 months ago I lost a dear friend to cancer. My life is entirely changed. About 11 months ago I lost another dear friend . And about 1 month ago, my little dog was put down.

I do not have answers. I am just trying to spend time with the one person I know who is available for walks. I also called in to volunteer for the red cross. Really, I have lots of hours to fill now.

I am also Catholic, so I go to mass and have doughnuts afterward in a church hall with a few people I know.

Mostly I just hike around by myself, which makes me really lonely for my dog who used to always hike with me.

Good luck.

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