I crochet baby blankets

by Sharyn
(Ontario, Canada)

My hobby is a craft, a pleasure for me. l crochet baby blankets for young moms' & their newborn babies.

I usually have 8 maybe 9 finished by the time Christmas rolls around. Then l take the blankets over to where they must go for that special morning.

l arrange for these blankets to be in many very beautiful colors, baby colors: pink ~ yellow ~ blue ~ lilac ~ coral ~ green ~ so pretty! Soft colors.

At this point in time, this is a good fit for me, l listen to radio, or listen to some funny program on tv. A very simple design, crochets very fast, takes about 35-40 hours to put 1 together.

l feel great when l drop them of at the front door of the building because l know there are going to be some very happy & thankful young moms who can't wait to wrap their little one in 1 of my blankets!

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I like your ideas
by: Nancy

I like the idea of donating your blankets to young mothers. I would like to get into that when I finish my big quilting project. Either by learning to crochet or to make baby quilts. Good idea and very satisfying.

by: Goldie

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