I do have a story, my book Mountain Ash

by Elna Nugent
(Lenox, MA )

Artwork by Elna Nugent.. Beautiful!

Artwork by Elna Nugent.. Beautiful!

Just before my husband died. my life story was published by Xlibris.com. It is self published because I had to write it at 3 am in the morning since during the day our house was like a nursing home . My husband was in the last stages of cancer.

He also had dimentia and celiac disease. Since his memory was very fragile, I made a big scrapbook for him so he could look at his childhood and life in pictures and writings. He would go to it every day. Pictures of his mother and father and his boyhood home and siblings made him smile.

Our four children begged me to make my own scrapbook or write a book while I still had a clear memory , although I had written some of my life happenings in my weekly newspaper column for the Berkshire Eagle in the 70's. .. I kept the rest of it to myself because if I had read it in someone's book I would never have believed it.

My book is entitled Mountain Ash: A New England Memoir
by Elna Fone Nugent and you can ask for it to be ordered in your library or you can read excerpts from it at Amazon.com. I don't advertise it that much because there are things in it that are difficult to believe. But in 2008 the time had come to tell them and it was published.

If you Google -Artist Elna Nugent- online you will reach my art website. I don't sell any of my work on it. I exhibit it locally each year. I just share my work and if you click on each picture you can get an explanation of why I painted it. It is like an art blog. It shows my book and the front cover is one of my art pieces.

Even today, I find some of the adventures in my life hard to believe. But they are much too much to share on these pages.

Rather than upload images ,my art site has some to see. I have found that all of us can be a success if our work is meaningful or helpful to others and not just for ourselves.

Blessings, Elna

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by: Joe W.

Elna, I think you give some great advice to seniors including looking for meaningful work and giving service to others. Too many people are still too greedy and the focus is mostly on themselves.

I have a real horse laugh when many of the marketeers don't speak to you directly, but they want you to read their spam on a daily basis. When you describe what your project is or what your doing they simply ignore you and then send you another 'Dear Friend' spam e-mail.

Congrats on your new memoir book. Wouldn't it be great if ALL seniors decided to write a book either about themselves or some important topic that could help themselves or the whole society in which they presently live?

Joe W.

Elna's Artwork
by: Wendy

Elna is on Facebook,... and I saw lots of her art there!
Love the art and the colors!!

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