I don't know how to retire

by Ronnie/Texas

I do not know how to retire... I do not know where to retire. I do know that retirement time is close... I am lost!!

I constantly search the WEBB for places to retire. I have worked since I was 13 yrs old and now I am 69 soon to be 70 in August of 2020!

My wife is from another country and says that I should go there. I am comfortable here in the states. I have a decent retirement package and my financial advisor says that I can retire at any time.

All these WEBB sites just want your money. What a mess.

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Businesses don't know how to Retire
by: William / USA

You're absolutely right Mr. Ronnie/Texas.

There is no business that helps employees with retirement, although the SSA has an online work program that keeps you making money if you don't mind working from a computer; most seniors don't.

Sure you can fund a Gofundme account to help move as your wife suggest; or do seminars to help guide students for a few years. Sure I could go on about other things; but I really think former President Jimmy Carter has the better retirement idea.

You can always work for God as a religious leader; with followers young and old; all nationalities. Guaranteed to have you and your wife's hands full every day.

Talk with your wife about it. I don't think she will mind.


How and where to retire
by: Nui/Canada

The how is an individual choice. If you have the financial comfort and you’re tired of working, then that’s your answer.

Think of all the changes you’ve mastered in your life. Before your first job, you were probably afraid of how you were going to cope: would you be a good worker, would the job keep your interest, would you deal with bosses. You learned to cope. Same with kids. Would you be a good parent, do you even want to be a parent.

Life is a series of new ventures. Retirement is just another one. In your first few months, you’ll deal with all the insecurities and then retirement will become your new normal.

As to the where. You’ll be free to go wherever you like. Whatever feels good. And when it stops feeling good, you can move on.

Change is good!

Money Money Money
by: Joe W.

What kind of 'financial advisor' do you have? Most of these people tell you that they can prepare you a retirement plan besides a financial plan; and that starting up a small business or becoming an entrepreneur later in life is risky. What are your beliefs and values? Is there any project that you have saved over the many years but now have the time to do it?

Joe W.

Retirement Questions
by: Jane Curtis/Texas

This is one site that has at least one or two people that have also been at a loss about retirement as well. We have all faced the when, where, and how questions. Most of us are not fortunate enough to be able to choose all of these.

I am a Texan so find it difficult to imagine living anywhere but in Texas. No income tax, good senior programs in place (in case you need one), and lots to choose from. There are big, busy cities and slow-moving tiny towns. I lived in all of them. I have lived in Colorado, South Carolina, Oklahoma, and Texas.

The best medical facilities are in Texas. The best weather is in Texas.

Do you really want to spend your golden years in another country? You want to give up voting?

There was a time when I had thought about my late husband and I should retire in Belize. The cost of living was so wonderful there. You could get a huge house for pennies in comparison to those in the states. Then, while on a trip there, my husband and I got to visit one of their hospitals. I changed my mind immediately.

You know what you want to do right now in the way of day to day activities. That will change, I promise. As time goes by you will discover you now have the time to do many things. Make sure where ever you are you can change your lifestyle easily so you can try different things.

I live in a tiny, East Texas town of Hawkins. One of the big plants closed a few years ago. There are some wonderful homes here that can be bought for very little. I know there are other places, if you want acreage, that can also be purchased for very little.

The whole idea of retirement is for you to be in charge. You decide, not the government, or anyone else. You call the shots. Do you want to travel? Do you want to do volunteer work? Do you want to learn something new? Now is the time.

Read through the blogs and stories from this site. You will find yourself many times and you will also find the answers you seek.

I have been retired for over ten years now and you would not believe how many times I have changed my mind. Don't box yourself in... give yourself the ability to change your mind.

Your Mindset is a choice. Do not retire from life. Your best years are just ahead.

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