I Envy My Wife

by Dean
(Mount Juliet TN)

My wife and I retired about a year and a half ago and are enjoying our retirement very much. So, why do I envy my wife?

She is a quilter and I don't mean an occasional quilter. At any time she has at least 2 quilts in progress and is brainstorming about what her next project will be.

When we are on vacation she watches for quilt stores. Once when in Hawaii she found a quilt store and bought some really beautiful material. It had koi motif and she made a beautiful quilt with it. By the way, we have a pond with koi and why the koi material was particularly meaningful.

What I am getting at is she has such a passion for her hobby that I envy her. Now don't go thinking that I am some kind of couch potato because I am not. I have quite a few things I enjoy and do to pass the time e.g. music (I play bass and guitar), fishing weekly with a good friend and my grandson, taking care of the yard and my koi pond etc.

Since retirement I've taken off 20 pounds by eating better and exercising daily. I know I have so much to be thankful for but wish I could find something that I really love.

I remember when I was a young man I could hardly sleep the night before opening day of trout season or first day of deer season. I would love to find something that would help me recreate that excitement.

Maybe it's a symptom of the aging process or maybe there is something that will rekindle that excitement and I just haven't found it yet. Once again I know I am very blessed but just thought I'd share this with everybody.

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Your envy with wife's hobby

I really understand where you are coming from as I suffer from the same thing. My hubby now deceased had a passion for one thing And was a master of it.

Myself, i am a jack of all trades and don't feel like a master of anything. I really want to be BUT it just isn't my blood. I plod along day after day, morning to night doing all those little things that I can do. Seriously?

I had really liked my in home day care cause I could share all these things that I could do. Maybe thats what you need ( myself included ) is to find some place you can share your talents and be totally appreciated about them too. I am going to look for myself too.

Bless yours and you wife's retirement.

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by: Sharyn~~~CANADA

So, what r u waiting for, u r not a young man any more & we all have dreams, u r an older man, u r not that old that u CAN'T grab a fishing pole & go fishing whenever u like ~ doesn't have to be trout, pike, walleye, salmon could be the little guys~ perch, who cares, the main objective is to do what u really enjoy & FEEL as u did when u were younger & satisfied ? Just saying, get on with it ~ be happy!

Also, u don't need a fancy boat, just go to a lake, river, stream, brook, u get the message & FISH.

Enjoy your retirement~~~~ God bless u & yur wife**

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