I feel old when.....

by Janet
(Boston, Ma.)

I feel old when I see some of the students who have grown up. I used to know them as Middle schoolers.

I feel old when I feel that I don't move or do things as quick as I used to.

I feel old when I feel aches and stiff some days.

I feel old when I think about my husband and myself as young people. He can't see as well now plus I get afraid when he ends up in emergency with low blood sugar.

I do realize that others suffer far worse. I am grateful and feel blessed.

Wendy: I agree, Janet. I have a long list of "I feel old when....." thoughts -- but in the end, we are blessed to still be here on earth.

Aging is inevitable, but HOW we age is completely 100% up to you!

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I Feel Old When....
by: Zenobia

Very much like the first writer, I feel old when I realize that the kids I taught in pre-school are now beginning college. I live in a big town but small community, so I see them from time to time.

I feel old when my adult children hover and act as if I am going to break like an egg, when I am still in fairly good health and can get around on my own.

I feel old to know that my grandchildren are now in their twenties.

I feel old when I know that my husband and I were married so young (17 and 19) divorced very young and now he is dead. We remained friends and now, there is no "him" anywhere on earth.

My aches and pains and the unrecognizable face in the mirror, are frightening to me. I am thinking of relocating but even that feels odd, because I see myself as "abandoned" and though I have written two books (one published) and try to surround myself with upbeat people to give and receive encouragement, it is the late hours, when
darkness engulfs my room, that I feel so totally alone.

My friends insist upon announcing when each and every one of our classmates has died. It is depressing and saddening. I wonder if I will ever get used to the changes. I want to embrace them so badly, but I am having a hard time.

Thanks for allowing me to say this.

Blessings to all...and we ARE blessed to be here!


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