I have no age, Ha!

by Elle
(Boca Raton,fl)

Laugh at the goofy idea people have when they put a number on a life.

Why torture yourself with thinking about "AGE"?

The pursuit of happiness is a natural desire of our nature. At a deeper level it becomes the hearts desire or at the level if the soul.

Answering these desires are more meaningful and emotionally fulfilling than satisfying the beliefs in the mind. 95% of what we feel emotionally is from what we create.

So laugh at the goofy idea of putting a number on your life. Ha!

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Put a number on it
by: Elle

What was your motivation to put a number on it. Did you notice what your inner state of mind was when you put a number on it? Why don't you do something kind for yourself. Try to forgive yourself and try again next time.

It's only a number
by: Sheila

I'm proud of my age. I'm 88 and like to think I look younger. But if I don't, who cares? I have better things to think about.

Put A Number On It
by: Joe W.


Everyday I see older mature people that just refuse to admit how old they are OR they attempt in any way possible and spend a lot of money trying to cover up their own real age. I think that grey hair is something to be proud of and it's a level of achievement that shows wisdom, maturity, experience, skills and just general pizazz.

Let's put a number on it. My number is #68.
Here's what I know....When you come to terms with your own real age you will find it easier accepting the way you look, feel and act and then you will be more empowered to have a more active, creative and productive retirement life.

Joe W.

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